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MASTERLIST [last updated 01.03.14]


- Embracing the Moon
Pairing: Seohyun / Kyuhyun
Rating: G
Seohyun and Kyuhyun participate in a musical for the first time together


- Bring the Boys Out
Pairing: Siwon / Ryeowook
Rating: G
Won Dambi makes you feel the heat~ [aka the story of the prettiest lady in all of Super Junior]

- Darkness Consumes

Pairing: Heechul / Ryeowook
Rating: PG-13
Heechul isn't adjusting well returning to a life in the limelight. Ryeowook is there ready to listen.

- Infront of the Mirror
Pairing: Leeteuk / Sungmin
Rating: PG-13
Sometimes all Sungmin needs is his Teukie-hyung

- It Will Be Enough
Pairing: Hyukjae / Sungmin
Rating: PG-13
Listen to me, you can't fix people. Your love won't make him stop hating his father and your devotion won't cure her of her childhood. All you can do is be there, violets sprouting out from your ribs, acceptance on your lips, your own wounds still bleeding and all you can do is be there and sometimes thats enough, sometimes thats everything.

- Piano Man
Pairing: Donghae / Sungmin
Rating: G
Sungmin can't properly express his emotions to his crush, so he puts it in a melody instead.
- Tea on Thursdays
Pairing: Yesung / Ryeowook
Rating: G
Jongwoon runs a quiet antique shop where his only regular customer is a cute boy with an odd obsession with teacups.

- Theatres and Popcorn
Pairing: Kyuhyun / Sungmin / Ryeowook
Rating: PG-13
Ryeowook and Sungmin like going to the movies. Kyuhyun just likes to annoy his precious hyungs.


- Light Up the Sky
Pairing(s): Yesung / Ryeowook [main], Leeteuk / Luna [ninja]
Rating: varies from PG-13 to NC-17
Warnings: There will be character deaths, but mostly minor and to forward the story. Sexy times in later chapters.
Stardust!AU. In the late 1800's, a small village by the name of Wall sits in the vast countryside. Unkeknownst to the village inhabitants, a passage fromt his world to the fantasy kingdom of Stormhold is located in a breach of an old wall that sits just beyond the city's borders.
It is in this town that a man by the name of Jongwoon resides. To prove the strength of his love, he ventures past the breach in search of a fallen star as a gift for the girl of his dreams. But the star is not just a lump of rock - rather a young man, named Ryeowook.
However Jongwoon is not the only one in pursuit of the mysterious fallen star - witches in search eternal youth gained from the stars heart, and the songs of the dead king pursuing the secret Ryeowook holds to a legitimate claim to the now empty throne are all racing to get to Ryeowook first.
With everything at stake, will Jongwoon win his true love?



started 02.02.14
001. Freefall [Eeteuk/Kangin]
002. Christmas [Heechul/Ryeowook]
003. Blindfolds [Hankyung/Yesung]
004. Chocolate [Yesung/Shindong]
005. Overworked [Ryeowook/Kibum]
006. Burn [Heechul/Yesung]
007. Dark [Eeteuk/Sungmin]
008. Locket [Heechul/Sungmin]
009. Coffee [Eunhyuk/Donghae]
010. Shiver [Heechul/Heechul]
011. Rooftops [Hankyung/Sungmin]
012. Chains [Heechul/Kangin]
013. Watermelon [Siwon/Kyuhyun]
014. Home [Heechul/Donghae]
015. Lick [Heechul/Hankyung]
016. Quiet Places [Yesung/Ryeowook]
017. Accidents [Ryeowook/Ryeowook]
018. Keys [Eeteuk/Siwon]
019. Clocks [Shindong/Eunhyuk]
020. Glow [Donghae/Kibum]
021. Park Benches [Yesung/Kyuhyun]
022. Diamonds [Sungmin/Kibum]
023. Tears [Yesung/Siwon]
024. Spotlight [Sungmin/Kyuhyun]
025. Smoke [Eeteuk/Shindong]
026. Pressure [Eunhyuk/Ryeowook]
027. Replacement [Heechul/Kibum]
028. Choking [Eeteuk/Ryeowook]
029. Sea [Sungmin/Siwon]
030. Warmth [Kangin/Donghae]
031. Midnight Walks [Siwon/Ryeowook]
032. Roses [Shindong/Shindong]
033. Flirt [Yesung/Kibum]
034. Acceptance [Hankyung/Kibum]
035. Blind [Heechul/Siwon]
036. Bathroom Tiles [Hankyung/Siwon]
037. Rotation [Hankyung/Kibum]
038. "I want you to stay forever" [Eeteuk/Kibum]
039. All the People [Hankyung/Donghae]
040. Skin [Shindong/Kyuhyun]
041. Dance Practice [Shindong/Kibum]
042. Suits [Kibum/Kyuhyun]
043. Washing Machines [Donghae/Siwon]
044. Rejection [Eunhyuk/Eunhyuk]
045. Smooth [Shindong/Sungmin]
046. Stuffed Animals [Kangin/Eunhyuk]
047. Stutter [Sungmin/Sungmin]
048. That Girl [Eeteuk/Hankyung]
049. "What's the difference?" [Hankyung/Hankyung]
050. Lost [Heechul/Kyuhyun]
051. Aliens [Ryeowook/Kyuhyun]
052. Cake [Sungmin/Donghae]
053. Puppies [Eeteuk/Heechul]
054. Self-Image [Hankyung/Shindong]
055. Shatter [Kangin/Kangin]
056. Filth [Donghae/Ryeowook]
057. Scales [Donghae/Kyuhyun]
058. Lies [Siwon/Siwon]
059. Calendar [Eeteuk/Eeteuk]
060. Humid [Heechul/Eunhyuk]
061. Disguises [Yesung/Yesung]
062. God [Hankyung/Kangin]
063. Video Games [Yesung/Eunhyuk]
064. Balance [Kyuyhun/Kyuhyun]
065. Grip [Donghae/Donghae]
066. Mice [Eeteuk/Donghae]
067. Sunrise [Yesung/Sungmin]
068. Degradation [Kibum/Kibum]
069. Sailing [Kangin/Siwon]
070. Thunderstorm [Kangin/Sungmin]
071. Plays (theatre) [Hankyung/Ryeowook]
072. Muscles [Kangin/Kibum]
073. Milkshakes [Eeteuk/Eunhyuk]
074. Flu Season [Shindong/Ryeowook]
075. Wrap [Yesung/Donghae]
076. Youth [Shindong/Siwon]
077. Pass [Sungmin/Ryeowook]
078. Sickness [Kangin/Kyuhyun]
079. The Same Old Thing [Eeteuk/Yesung]
080. Crackle [Eunhyuk/Siwon]
081. Noise/Noiseless [Kangin/Shindong]
082. Evening [Siwon/Kibum]
083. Fever [Hankyung/Eunhyuk]
084. Snowflakes [Eunhyuk/Kyuhyun]
085. Ache [Shindong/Donghae]
086. Violins [Eunhyuk/Kibum]
087. Belief [Sungmin/Eunhyuk]
088. Numbers [Eeteuk/Kyuhyun]
089. "I Like Your Face" [Kangin/Ryeowook]
090. Clean [Heechul/Shindong]
091. Stars [Yesung/Kangin]
092. Gorgeous [WC]
093. Bubble Baths [WC]
094. Makeup [WC]
095. Drowning [WC]
096. "I like you. I like you. I like you" [WC]
097. Glasses [WC]
098. Soothing [WC]
099. Apples [WC]
100. Regrets [WC]
finished _______
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