March 4th, 2014


Series: Light Up the Sky [Prologue]

Title: Light Up the Sky
Rating: PG-13 > NC-17
Pairing: YeWook (Yesung / Ryeowook) ninja!Leeteuk/Luna
Warnings: There will be some character deaths. For the sake of the story I can't really change it so just know that its coming~
Word count: tba
Summary: Stardust!AU. In the late 1800's, a small village by the name of Wall sits in the vast countryside. Unbeknownst to the village inhabitants, a passage from this world to the fantasy kingdom of Stormhold is located in a breach of an old wall that sits just beyond the city's borders.
It is in this town, that a man by the name of Jongwoon resides. To prove the strength of his love, he ventures past the breach in search of a fallen star as a gift for the girl of his dreams. But the star is not just a lump of rock – rather a young man, named Ryeowook.
However Jongwoon is not the only one in pursuit of the mysterious fallen star – witches in search of eternal youth gained from the stars heart, and the sons of the Dead King pursuing the secret Ryeowook holds to a legitimate claim to the now empty throne are all racing to get to Ryeowook first.
With everything at stake, will Jongwoon win his true love?
A/N: Heavily based on the 2007 movie 'Stardust'. It should follow the main storyline of the movie, so I recommend watching it if you ever get the chance / you enjoy any part of this because its a great movie! Title comes from 'Rule the World' by Take That [which is the song from the movie oOP] Not sure how many parts there will be yet, but it will be a longer fic.

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