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25 February 2014 @ 06:19 pm
Drabble: Embracing the Moon  
Title: Embracing the Moon
Rating: G
Pairing: SeoKyu (Seohyun / Kyuhyun)
Word count: <1000
Summary: Seohyun and Kyuhyun get to participate in a musical for the first time together~
A/N: A requested MTETS fic from a lovely anon I got. I'm not incredibly familiar with the pairing / Seohyun, so be warned that this may be extremely OOC.

“Kyuhyun-oppa, isn't Seohyun-shii looking beautiful in her hanbok?” the stylist asked as she applied the last of his foundation to his face. Turning his head slightly, trying his best not to dislodge the half tied headband atop his hair, he froze, stunned.

Seohyun stood just inside the door to the makeup room, talking to the musical's director. She was laughing gently, hand coming up to slightly cover her face. Her hair was down, not yet styled to match the light pink hanbok fitted onto her slender frame for the upcoming performance. It was an understatement to say Kyuhyun was merely flawed by her beauty – how had he managed to get someone as amazingly gorgeous as her to fall for someone like him!?

Bowing as the director took his leave, she was ushered by the other stylists over to the seat at the make-up table directly next to Kyuhyun. He continued to stare as the distracted makeup stylists crossed the room, discussing the particular makeup style to use on the two idols.

“Kyuhyunnie you're staring.”

“How can I not!” he snorted, “you look absolutely stunning.”

Blushing, Seohyun slapped his arm lightly before turning to address her idiotic boyfriend.

“You're being super obvious and its going to get up caught.”

“Would that be so bad?”

Giving him a stern look, she sighed before reaching out to grab his hand.

“I know you want our relationship out there in the open, but I'm thinking about you here pabo.”

Kyuhyun gave her an incredulous look “yeah sure, me”.

“Yes you! You are getting all these opportunities and i'm extremely proud of you, but I won't put that at risk. I know how you feel and you know how I fell, thats alright for now okay?”


Squeezing his hand gently, she let go quickly as the stylists returned to finish their makeup. As they worked on pinning Seohyun's hair back properly, they giggled, looking between the two they were working on.

“Seohyun-shii, don't you think Kyuhyun-oppa looks handsome in his traditional outfit?”

Smiling coyly, she looked at him through the reflection of the mirror, “very handsome noona” she said, sending him an amused wink.


Returning to the stage for the encore at the end of the night, the pair received a massive amount of cheers as they came out hand in hand. Bowing as she waved, Seohyun turned to wave at the far edge of the crowd where she knew the members of her fanclub were seated.

Feeling a tap on her shoulder, she turned back to face the centre of the stage before freezing, suddenly finding her unable to move as Kyuhyun moved swiftly towards her, planting his lips directly on hers. Stunned she tensed, eyes wide as he pulled away from her to the deafening sound of the the audeinces cheers and screams.

What on earth had her boyfriend just done? She was in complete shock as he tugged her to the back of the stage, behind the rest of the cast. They finished the encore with Seohyun in a visible daze, before the curtain came down and they followed the other actors off the stage.

With everyone distracted, a grinning Kyuhyun dragged her into one of the small change rooms located backstage, shutting the door behind them and muffling the noise of the crowd outside. Turning to look at his girlfriend he felt a fist lightly hit his chest, immediately looking down to find an unamused Seohyun peering at him.

“Heeeeeeyyy sweetie” he squeaked out, watching her brow furrow as a fist shot out and hit him in the chest again. He gave her three more hits before he grabbed her wrist, pulling her towards him into a tight hug.

“You're such an idiot!! What on earth were you thinking pulling a move like that!?!”

“I was thinking that my girlfriend is looking extremely gorgeous in her outfit, and that she is extremely cute when flustered.”

Her eyes narrowed, “flattery will get you no-where mister... we could've been found out”

Pushing her gently to get a better look at her, Kyuhyun Seohyun back gently, cupping her fact gently with his hands

“I'm sorry for making you so mad sweetie.”

“It's okay” she sighed, “I was just worried...”

“Well you shouldn't be, because no matter what comes out way we'll always have each other, silly hanbok outfits and all.”

Smiling softly as she leaned up to give a quick peck to Kyuhyun's lips, Seohyun moved to rest her head on his chest, wrapping her arms around him.

“I love you”

Kyuhyun smiled, “I love you too.”