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Fic Dump: Darkness Consumes & Bring the Boys Out

Title: Darkness Consumes
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: HeeWook (Heechul / Ryeowook)
Word count: ~1000
Summary: Heechul isn't adjusting well returning to a life in the limelight. Ryeowook is there ready to listen.
A/N: Written for everystopsforteaandkpop @ tumblr! You asked for something angsty and I hope this suffices, I didn't actually make it too dark because of the way i characterised Ryeo, so I hope you still enjoy it!

Heechul tosses in his bed, finding himself staring at the ceiling as his desktop clock clicked over to 3am. He sighed – what is it, the fifth? sixth? night he hasn't been able to get a wink of sleep? It's all blurred into one at this point. He'd forgotten this feeling – the dread that comes with the darkness creeping in of a night when he finds himself alone in the dorm.

The two years he'd spent in the army had served as a sort of escape for him. Years spent away from the spotlight he'd come to despise, he'd finally been considered normal after being nothing more than 'super junior's kim heechul' over anything else. After the two years had passed, he'd felt he was more than ready to return to Super Junior.

Oh boy, had he been wrong.

The second he had stepped onto that stage for the first time he knew he'd made a complete mistake. The intensity of the blinding lights combined with the deafening screams of the fans had been overwhelming to say the least. He'd felt like he couldn't breathe – as if the world was closing in, suffocating him infront of the sea of fans as the group continued to perform without him. He remembers watching the other boys run around him, screaming out the lyrics and having the time of their lives, and yet here he was, standing in the middle of the stage, terrified.

Heechul shook his head, trying his hardest to clear the unwanted thoughts from his mind.

It wasn't the first time he'd felt this way about the life he was living – the crushing darkness familiar from years ago. It was at that time when Super Junior had gone through their 'crisis'; finding themselves suddenly down two members and barely hanging on by a thread. He'd considered leaving the group as well back then, a chance to leave it all behind and never look back. But the destroyed morale he saw in each of the members had been enough for him to hang on long enough until enlistment.

Just because he was willing to walk away didn't mean he would sacrifice the dreams of the other members for him.

Giving up on sleep, he tossed the blanket off himself, slowly getting up and creeping through the dark hallway towards the small kitchen, hoping a glass of water would clear his mind enough that he could get some sort of sleep. Walking past the entrance to the dining room, he paused, looking back to see a dull glow coming from the crack at the bottom of the door.

Confused, he grabbed the door, pushing it open as silently as possible before peaking in. There he found his small dongsaeng, sitting at the dining table with two steaming mugs of what guessed was his specialty hot chocolate.

'Ryeowookie?” he whispered, trying his best not to wake up the rest of the floor as he slid inside, closing the door behind him. Ryeowook's head shot up, small smile that appeared on his face illuminated by the small light on the table as he saw who had intruded on him.

“Hyung!! I made you something to drink!” he announced, smile growing wider as he motioned for Heechul to take a seat. As he moved to sit across from the maknae he eyed him, stilll extremely bemused as to why Ryeowook was not only up, but sitting by himself [apparently] waiting for him.

“Ryewookie its three in the morning, what on earth are you doing up!? You have a schedule tomorrow don't you?”

Ryeowook's smile dimmed slightly as he pushed the mug over to Heechul before looking down at his own, fingers running nervously along the sides of the mug.

“You haven't been sleeping properly hyung, so I decided to get up and make something delicious to drink to help you!!”

Taking a sip, Heechul couldn't help but note that the contents of the mug was still quite warm, meaning Ryeowook had been sitting here for at least a small while before he had shown up. He observed the maknae with tired eyes.

“I may be more tired than usual but this really wasn't necessary Wookie. You don't have to worry about me so go to sleep... thankyou for the drink.” Standing and turning to leave, Heechul had the door half open before he heard a small mumble come from behind him.

“Pardon Ryeowookie?” he asked, turning back to the small boy.

He wastched as a now determined Ryeowook quickly stood up, chair scraping across the floor as his voice grew louder.

“You're not okay hyung. You like to pretend that everything is okay but I can tell that its not.”

no. no no no no no. He wasn't supposed to figure it out; no one was supposed to realise how he felt. He'd spent so long building this facade, no one was supposed to be able to see the darkness that surrounded him.

“You don't know anything Kim Ryeowook, I suggest you drop it befo--”

“NO!” The maknae yelled, shocking a now frozen Heechul as he slams his hands down on the table. Clenching his fists against the wooden surface, he took a deep breath before continuing.

“No hyung. You're suffering and its NOT okay. You don't have to keep this stupid image up! Who is that helping? The group? The fans? Because it sure as hell isn't doing you any good.”


“Please hyung. Please just, open up to me. You're my precious hyung, I can't let you go on like this.”

A broken sob escapes Heechul as he stumbles into Ryeowook's now open arms, wrapping himself around him tightly. As they slid to the floor of the dining room, for the first time Heechul let everything out. He watches as his dongsaengs emotions filter across his face – from unbearable sadness to excruciating pain. The younger man just sat quietly as Heechul gasped out his fears, laying out his darkest thoughts for him to see. He described the way the world closed in on him, the suffocating darkness that he couldn't find a way out of.

Ryeowook's hands slipped from around him to tightly holding Heechuls hand in his own, tears slipping down his face as his hyung leaned against him, emotionally exhaused.

“I'll always be here hyung... I won't let you suffocate. I'll fight for you, with you, and we're going to beat this. Because you're you're my Heechulile hyung, and nothing takes down Kim Heechul without a fight.”

Abroken laugh bubbles past Heechuls lips as he lifts his head to look at his dongsaeng. The darkness may still be surrounding him, but now he had a glowing beacon of light to protect him. And as Ryeowook hugs him again, Heechul tihnks that there may be hope for him afterall.

Title: Bring the Boys Out
Rating: G
Pairing: implied!SiWook (Siwon / Ryeowook)
Word count: 1000
Summary: Wondambi makes you feel the heat~ [aka the story about the prettiest lady in all of Super Junior]
A/N: This is ridiculous omfg I'm so sorry

Siwon was getting ready to go on stage, slipping into the familiar sparkly blue dress. Adjusting the frizzy wig on the top of his head, he looked himself over. When the rest of the group had first suggested that 'the great visual Choi Siwon' [their words, not his] join the crossdressing performance for Super Show 5, he'd been more than a little apprehensive. But what had obviously started as a joke to embarrass him had quickly escalted into one of the fans favourite parts of the concert.

[Siwon wouldn't lie though... after reading the fanaccounts after each stop, he'd quickly turned from apprehensive to oddly confident]

Smoothing downt he hem of the skirt one last time, he wobbled over to the row of makeup chairs where Kangin sat reading a magazine as he waited for the stylists to fix his makeup.

“Sad that this is the last time as Ga-In hyung?” he asked, smile growing as his hyung made a face at the page he was currently looking at.

“Look whose talking – I think you're the one whose become a little attached to constantly hearing 'siwon oppa is so pretty oh my gooooddd'” Kangin mock squealed, barely containing his laughter at the man beside him. Siwon pushed his hyung laughing along as the stylists came over.

“I'm sexy hyung, get over it.”


When his makeup was finally done [after being conned by the stylists into trying the sparkly eyeshadow 'for the sake of the big finale'] Siwon was found by one of the managers, who gave him an odd stare before guiding him through the halls backstage. Walking towards the underside of the stage he noticed a distracted Kyuhyun leaning against one of the walls. Sneaking over to the maknae he tackled him into a tight hug, laughing as the boy squirmed in his arms.

“Siwon good god let me go!” he yelled, struggling to himself away from the embrace. “You're going to kill me if you don't stop doing tha-- hOLY fucking shit.” Pouting as he released him, Siwon looked at the boys horrified expression, confused.

“It's Siwon HYUNG Kyuhyunnie, never mind the fact that you should mind your langaguge! What on earth is the matter with you?”. Kyuhyun stared at him for a moment, obviously in thought, before releasing a snort

“Nothing... nothing is wrong at all hyung don't you worry.” patting his back, Kyuhyun pushed him back towards the impatient manager who immediately started dragging Siwon away.

“YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL HYUNG~!” he heard an amused Kyuhyun cackle from behind him.


As his section of the stage started to rise, the screams grew deafening as the spotlight fell on him and his three fellow bandmates. With the music blaring over the sound system, Siwon sauntered over to stand behind an oblivious Sungmin before grabbing his hand. Twirling him around to face him in his arms, Sungmin's amused smile turned into a look of shock.

“good GOD Siwon!” he yelped, jumping back slightly. Eyebrows furrowing, he watched the man continue to take a couple of steps backwards, looking at him bewilderedly.


Sungmin quickly recovered, giving Siwon a meek smile.

“You... you look lovely as always Wonnie you just... gave me a fright is all... oH LOOK there'sKangingottago” he muttered out, Siwon barely hearing him as he stumbled over to [subsequently throwing himself on] an embarrassed Kangin.

The reaction was not what he was expecting, but Siwon merely shrugged it off for the time being, moving towards the far edge of the stage deciding to get his 'groove on'. Swinging his limbs around in what he hoped was a somewhat co-ordinated manner, he moved towards the screaming fans, grinning at the girls who were laughing in the front row.

As he worked his way backwards from the edge, a slender arm wound itself around his neck, pulling him towards a small frame. A mess of purple hair obstructed his vision as his small dongsaeng curled around him in a light hug.

Siwon reflexively wrapped his arms around the small waist, grinning as the maknae [awkwardly] shimmied along with him. Ryeowook looked up, a melodic giggle bubbling past his lips as Siwon looked down at him, confused for what felt like the millionth time since he'd got dressed.

“What on earth does everyone find so funny about me today!?” he shouted as Ryeowook's grin grew even wider, if possible, the small man laughing again before giving Siwon a tight squeeze.

“Kyuhyunnie was right, you do look extra ridiculous today.”

“what are you talking about...?”

Untangling his arms to slap his forearm lightly, Ryeowook looked up at the tall man incredulously.

“Are you serious? Did you even look at yourself properly in the mirror Siwonnie?? You're moustache isn't the most feminine piece of facial hair in the world”.

Siwon's mouth formed a round 'o' with sudden comprehension. The events of the entire day suddenly made so much sense – the stylists laughter, Kyuhyun's teasing, the extra stares from the crew, and Sunmin's reaction just moments ago all falling into place in his mind. Siwon's eyebrows furrowed as a pout formed on his face,

“Why didn't anyone say anything!!?”

A chuckle came from beside him, “you do realise who you're talking about right?” Ryeowook replied. Siwon pouted further, a crestfallen look crossing his face. An amused Ryeowook reached up, pinching his cheek lightly as the fans screamed around them.

“Don't worry Siwonnie!! I think you're very pretty, moustache and all~! You look especially lovely today, I like your eyeshadow in particular~”.

Siwon stepped back slightly to glance at his smiling dongsaeng, who showed not a hint of teasing on his face. Grinning slyly, Siwon puckers his lips, moving swiftly towards a now squealing [in a very manly way he'll have you know] Ryeowook, who was trying his very best to lean away from him.

“hyyyuuuunnngggg!!!” he sqeuaks, suddently finding himself lifted into the air, twirling around the stage to the laugh of Siwon barely heard over the screams of the crowd below.

Won Dambi may not be the most stylish of all the Super Junior ladies, but for Ryeowook he's the prettiest out of all of them, moustache and all~

Tags: fic: drabble, p: siwon/ryeowook, p:heechul/ryeowook
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