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Series: Light Up the Sky [Prologue]

Title: Light Up the Sky
Rating: PG-13 > NC-17
Pairing: YeWook (Yesung / Ryeowook) ninja!Leeteuk/Luna
Warnings: There will be some character deaths. For the sake of the story I can't really change it so just know that its coming~
Word count: tba
Summary: Stardust!AU. In the late 1800's, a small village by the name of Wall sits in the vast countryside. Unbeknownst to the village inhabitants, a passage from this world to the fantasy kingdom of Stormhold is located in a breach of an old wall that sits just beyond the city's borders.
It is in this town, that a man by the name of Jongwoon resides. To prove the strength of his love, he ventures past the breach in search of a fallen star as a gift for the girl of his dreams. But the star is not just a lump of rock – rather a young man, named Ryeowook.
However Jongwoon is not the only one in pursuit of the mysterious fallen star – witches in search of eternal youth gained from the stars heart, and the sons of the Dead King pursuing the secret Ryeowook holds to a legitimate claim to the now empty throne are all racing to get to Ryeowook first.
With everything at stake, will Jongwoon win his true love?
A/N: Heavily based on the 2007 movie 'Stardust'. It should follow the main storyline of the movie, so I recommend watching it if you ever get the chance / you enjoy any part of this because its a great movie! Title comes from 'Rule the World' by Take That [which is the song from the movie oOP] Not sure how many parts there will be yet, but it will be a longer fic.

[PROLOGUE] [1] [2] [3]

00. Prologue

A philosopher once asked “are we human because we gaze at stars or do we gaze at the stars because we're human?” Pointless really. But do the stars ever gaze back? Now thats the real question.

In the vast countryside of South Korea, there sits a village by the name of Wall. Named after the long wall that ran alongside it, it was said in local folklore that the wall held an astonishing secret just beyond it.

“Young man I am charged with the guarding of not only this gap in the wall, but a portal to another world, and you are asking me to just let you stroll on through!?!”

“Well, yes Mr. Lee. Because lets be honest here, its a field. You are sitting guard in front of a wall, that leads. to. a. field.”

“Now you listen here, the wall and this gap has been here for hundreds of years, guarded twenty four hours not only by me, but my father and his father before him. No one has ever been allowed to pass through, and I'm not about to start with the likes of you Kim Jungsoo!”

“But Mr. Lee...”

Jungsoo stared at the field that laid just a few meters away for a moment, chewing his lip as he weighed up his options. Although he had never put much faith in the tales of another magical world laying beyond the rocky wall, he was extremely interested in venturing past the field and into tree line that could be seen just outside of town. He had been determined to venture past the one small gap that provided access and quell his curiosity to know what exactly existed beyond.

Watching as the boy stood contemplating, the old guard sighed and shook his head at his stubbornness.

“Just go home Jungsoo. Before I have to have you brought up in front of the village officials for your recklessness.”

Defeated, Jungsoo gave one last look at the wall before he hung his head, turning towards the path that led back into town.

“Well, that’s very final isn't it? I guess I'll be on my way, I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble Mr. Lee”

“Goodnight Jungsoo”

As the old man went to return to his seat, he turned his back on the slowly retreating boy. Seeing his opportunity while the old man was distracted, Jungsoo took off, vaulting over the gap in the wall and making a break for it through the large open field towards the tree line a small distance away, with the old mans shouts for him to stop growing fainter each step he took.

Slowing down to a stroll with the threat of Mr. Lee now gone, Jungsoo found himself on what appeared to be a worn dirt path that weaved through the dense brush of the forest. It was odd, he thought, that this trail seemed to be so well used and yet no signs of life had ever been seen from his side of the wall, his curiosity only growing the longer he walked.

He continued along the path, until lights appeared on the distant horizon, first dull before gradually gaining a bright glow that illuminated the dark forest. The brush grew thinner, and as he broke through the tree line, Jungsoo found himself on the outskirts of a small town much like his own, loud and bustling.

Starting to make his way through the crowds of people, it soon became apparent to Jungsoo that although the town may have appeared to resemble his home of Wall, it was in fact very different. The town had a mystical air to it, and as he passed a number of vendors he was stunned by the various trinkets on sale. Random glowing ornaments were set out on a range of tables, each with unique names that Jungsoo had never come across before. A low growling came from another stall further along displayed abnormal creatures that Jungsoo couldn't even dream of. It was overwhelming to say the least, as a bewildered Jungsoo stumbled through the rest of the night market.

Coming to the end of the main road of stalls, a cart tucked into the corner of the market caught Jungsoo's eye. Although the bright yellow colour had gained his attention at first, Jungsoo was rendered speechless at the young woman who sat atop the cart itself. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, her striking features highlighted by the shimmering blue dress she was wearing. Her almond eyes, framed by her short black hair, were also on Jungsoo, observing him.

Jungsoo felt like he was drawn to her, and as he made his way toward the small table that sat a small distance away from her perch on the cart, her inquisitive gaze turning mischievous at Jungsoo's look of awe. He came to a stop in front of her stall, barely recognising the table with a range of beautiful flowers set out before her as he continued to stare at her.

“Well excuse me mister but i've got no time for time wasters at my shop if all you're going to do is stand there looking dumb!” a loud voice came from his side. Jumping, he spun to see a short older woman glaring at him, before looking past him towards the mysterious girl on the cart.

“Tend to the stall for the rest of the night while I go get a drink, I've had just about enough with the amount of idiots today” she growled, giving him one last stare before pushing past him angrily, quickly disappearing into the crowd. Turning back to the stall behind him, the girl hopped off her seat on the cart, sauntering up to a still bewildered Jungsoo.

“See anything you like?” she asked, mischievous grin reappearing on her face as she gave him a quick once over.

“oh yes...” Jungsoo immediately replied. Catching himself as the girl giggled, he blushed a bright red, quickly looking down at the table in front of him.

“iiii meant the flowers? Yes! Umm the blue ones are particularly lovely, how much did you say they were?” he mumbled, gesturing awkwardly in front of him.

“Weeellll” the girl starts, tapping her chin, pretending to be in deep thought “they could cost anything from the colour of your eyes to your happiest memories, but its not the blue ones you're really after.” Picking up a small, pure white flower, she held it out carefully towards him.

“See, this one suits you much better..?”

“aah, Jungsoo”

“mmm, see? It even suits your name.”

Gently taking the flower from her, Jungsoo was captured by it, watchingg as it almost glittered in the glow of the street lights above them.

“ much is this one exactly?” he asked, looking back at her as a grin lights up her face. She grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him towards her over the edge of the table.

“It costs a kiss.”

Pressing their lips together, Jungsoo was stunned by the forwardness possessed by the girl. Her lips were warm and smooth moving against him, firm and inviting that instantly felt addictive to him. She broke the kiss, smiling once again as she looked around.

“She's completely gone right? Here, come with me” she asked, holding out her hand. When he reached forward and placed his hand in hers, she clasped it tightly, guiding him around the stall.

“What's your name?”

“Luna” she replied, tugging him towards the yeollow carriage.

As she tugged his along Jungsoo looked at the ground, noticing a silver chain around her ankle that attached her to the side of the cart. Stopping, he leant down and picked it up, looking at her confused. Startled, she looked at hm with wide eyes before sitting on the edge of the steps, raising her eyebrow slightly.

“If I told you I was a missing princess stolen away from her land would you be the shining knight in armour come to save me?”

Looking at her for a moment, he reaches for a small blade that sat under the table, grabbing the chain and swiftly breaking it. It remained broken for a second before the chain glowed, snapping itself firmly back together. Stunned her looked at her, a sad smile gracing her face.

“Thankyou for trying to be my knight, but alas the princess is to remain a slave, locked away from the world.” Jungsoo stood, moving towards the sad girl.

“Then...what do you want with me?” A coy smile immediately crossed her face as she stood up again, retaking his hand as guiding him into the back of the carriage, shutting the door behind them tightly.


The next morning Jungsoo strolled back through the gap in the wall, dazed as he passed by [the still very angry] Mr. Lee. Returning to his home in Wall, he decided not to pay much thought to the wall and the world that lied past it.

He went on like this, until nine months later when one cold winter night there was a knock at his door. He opened the door to find a bundled up Mr. Lee, standing with a small wicker basket tucked under his arms.

“This was left at the wall, I was told that its for you Jungsoo”

Confused, he took the basket out of the old mans hands, finding a mass of soft blankets. Looking inside, he finds a small child lying asleep inside. Thanking Mr. Lee for bringing the child to him he closed the door, careful not to wake the child up. Staring at the small bundle, he saw a small paper bundle at the end of the basket. Grabbing it out of the basket he opened it, finding a small parcel and a letter addressed to him. Opening it, he quietly looked over the boy as he read.

“My dear Jungsoo,

I'm sorry that this is coming as such as a surprise to you. Please believe me that I would not be placing this burden on you if I had any other choice. But I cannot take care of our child; he isn't safe with me. You met my mistress briefly that night, and saw just a glimpse of what she's like – I can't bring up my son around her.
His name is Jongwoon, after my great grandfather. Please Jungsoo, watch over him as he grows, teach him all the things I will never be able to. I've placed in his basket a small package for him to open once he get old enough to understand the reality of the situation. I leave it up to you to deicde if and when to give it to him.
Please love him as much as I will from a distance.

All my love, Luna”

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