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Series: Light Up the Sky [Chapter One]

Title: Light Up the Sky
Rating: G [for this chapter]
Summary: here
A/N: Chapter One~! This and probably the next chapter is going to be stuck with a bnch of exposition to set up all the different groups of characters, so bare with me before we get to the meat of the story~

[PROLOGUE] [1] [2] [3]

01. Chapter One

“Jongwoon! Hurry up or you're going to be late!”

A distracted Jongwoon comes stumbling down the stairs, trying to fix his messy mop of black hair to look somewhat presentable. Jungsoo laughed, watching his son try to flatten the same part of his fringe three times before giving up, strands still sticking out all over the place.

“Are you ready for today? Got the flowers?” Jongwoon looked up at his amused father, making a face as he made his way to the small dining table, picking up the small bunch of posies.

“Yes father for the hundredth time I've got them.” he sighed, watching his excited father bounce around the small house. He walked up to his son, patting him on the back and pushing him towards the door.

“Well then good luck! I'm sure she's going to love them!”

“thanks father, don't wait up for me!” he shouted, heading off down the road.

18 years had passed and Jongwoon had grown to become a quiet young boy. Despite not knowing anything of his mother or mystical heritage, Jongwoon had grown to resemble her in his looks, with black hair and soft facial features, kind almond eyes exactly like his mothers.

Making his way through the deserted streets of the town of Wall, he made his way to one particular road, stopping at a quaint peach house at the very end of the row. Checking himself over one last time, he reached down to pick up a small pebble, throwing it at the second floor window where a dull glow of a lamp spilled onto the dark street.

Quick movements could be seen before a beautiful young girl appeared, opening the window with a bright grin on her face.


Jongwoon frowned slightly before fixing the flowers in his hands, clearing his throat and calling out to the young lady above him.

“ Sulli it's just Jongwoon.” The smile fades slightly from her face at his words, her posture slacking against the window frame in disappointment.

“Oh Jongwoon... did I leave something behind at the shop this afternoon?”

“No!” He declares, shaking his head nervously “No I... just thought that i-i would come here and--”

Before he can finish his sentence, the flowers are whacked out of his hands, petals scattering around his feet on the ground.

“Come here and what exactly, may I ask?” a young man asks, pushing Jongwoon back slightly with his decorative cane.

“Kibum!!” Sulli shouts in excitement, grinning at the boy while Jongwoon just sighs.

“...hello Kibum” he says unenthusiastically, earning him another shove in the chest.

“Just leave him alone Kibum... be nice to him.” Sulli asks, excited grin making way for concern for the animosity between the boys. Kibum looks up at the girl before turning his eyes back to the ground where the broken flowers laid, snorting.

“Where those ugly things for Sulli? Surely a woman as beautiful as her is worth more than some worthless posies.”

Frowning, Jongwoon looks at the now destroyed flowers before noticing a long stick beside them. Picking it up quickly he turns to face Kibum, awkwardly holding the stick out in front of him. Chuckling, Kibum raises his cane in the same manner, awaiting his next move.

It's over embarrassingly fast – Jongwoon charging at Kibum before the stick is immediately knocked out of his hand, momentum allowing Kibum to use one clean swipe at the back of his ankles to flip him flat on his back. He sneered down at him, placing the stick harshly against his chest.

“You were always the worst at any sort of physical activity at school Jongwoon. Although, was there anything at all you managed to be good at?”

“Just let him be Kibum, thats more than enough.”

At Sulli's words Kibum gave him one last amused smirk before backing off the boy on the ground. Staying still for a moment Jongwoon moved himself to his feet, wiping the dirt off himself while wincing at the slight pain in his back.

“Are you alright?” a concerned Sulli asked, leaning out her window slightly to get a better look at Jongwoon.

“Yeah...yeah I'm fine. Nothing I have dealt with before” he replied, giving her a small smile. She sighed, relaxing now that she knew the boy hadn't been seriously harmed.

“I think its best that you home Jongwoon”

“oh...goodnight then Sulli I... I'll see you tomorrow.”

A small smile graced her face as she moved to close the bedroom window.

“Goodnight Jongwoon. Thank you for the flowers.”

With the window shut and locked, she gave a small wave before disappearing from the window. Once she was definitely gone Jongwoon started making his way back home, shoulders sagging slightly.


“Jongwoon you're here again? Are you alright after your fall last night?”

“Well yes, but don't worry there was no harm done, but thank you for asking”

Sulli's concerned look turned into a small smile, looking down at the boy once again. It was the next morning and a determined Jongwoon had marched past his father and out the door, returning to the street under the windowsill, where he found Sulli once again. Clearing his thoughts, he looked up at the amused girl.

“Sulli, do you mind meeting me tonight?”

“Tonight? Are you planning to say something so truly horrible it cannot be said to me right now?” she replied, barely containing her laughter at the panicked look that crossed Jongwoon's face.

“Oh no - nothing like that! Just... trust me okay?” She paused for a moment in thought, tapping her fingers against her cheeks lightly.

“I suppose I could come out this evening.” A grin lit up Jongwoon's face as he looked up at her excitedly.

“Excellent!” he shouted, blushing as Sulli giggled above him 'Aaah yes I mean, great. Uhh, meet me in the field just outside of town at dusk!” he called, before taking off down the street. She let out a small chuckle, watching the boy nearly trip in his haste.

“What on earth do you have planned Kim Jongwoon...”


When the sun had just begun to set, a nervous Jongwoon paced around the grassy field, awaiting Sulli's arrival. This was an important night, and as she came into view Jongwoon prayed to the gods above that everything would go to plan. When she'd arrived in front of the nervous boy she smiled, causing his cheeks to turn a deep shade of red. Looking past him into the field itself, she let out a loud gasp at the sight in front of her.

“Jongwoon this...this is beautiful!!”

Before her sat a large blanket laid out on the grass, small candles littering the area around them giving the area a soft glow. Spread out on the blanket was a variety of foods, and a bottle of what looked like expensive wine.

“Not as beautiful as you” he mumbled, looking down before gesturing towards the space on the blanket “please have a seat.” As Sulli settled down, making herself comfortable, Jongwoon poured her a glass of wine, before sitting down himself and handing it to her. Taking it gently she took a sip, before her eyes flicked over to the boy mischievously.

“So... what brings about this mysterious candlelight dinner dear Jongwoon?” Jongwoon gulped down his glass hoping to chase away the rest of his nerves, before turning to the girl.

“Sulli, would you at least consider going out with me?” She looked at him for a moment, smirk crossing her face before looking out to the rest of the field, releasing a heavy sigh.

'I'm not sure... I mean Kibum said he'd go aaalll the way to Incheon just to get the finest ring for my hand in marriage.” A snort escapes Jongwoon who gives her an incredulous stare.


“Yes!” Sulli replies, giggling at the look of mock horror on his face.

“I would cross oceans and foreign lands just for a chance for your hand in marriage, and Kibum is going to Incheon!” The two continue to giggle, draining their glasses as they continue to talk. Eventually a lull in the conversation leads to the both of them staring quietly at each other.

“...Jongwoon..” Sulli whispers, slowly leaning in towards the boy beside him. As her lips ghost over his, a bright flash in the sky jolts them from their trance, both jumping away in haste.

Looking up to the sky, a bright light sits in the air for a moment, glowing brighter before shooting downwards through the dark night. They watch it shimmer across the inky canvas of the sky, before disappearing behind the tree line in the distance.

“Wow” Sulli gasped, “A shooting star! How beautiful.”

Turning to the look at the wide-eyed girl beside him, he paused for a moment of thought before grabbing her hand tightly.

“Sulli, as a sign of my love I would cross the wall and return that shooting star to you for your birthday.” Sulli immediately turned to look at the boy beside her, eyes now filled with confusion rather than wonder. Eventually she gave a soft chuckle before pushing Jongwoon lightly.

“Don't joke Jongwoon, no one crosses the wall you know that!”

“But for you I would do the impossible.”

She looked at the boy beside her, determined gleam in his eye before giving a small sigh.

“If you can really get the star and bring it to me before the week is over, than my hand is yours.”

At her words a bright smile crossed Jongwoon's face.

“You can count on it!”


After packing up the picnic, Jongwoon walked a tired Sulli back to her home, waving goodbye before setting off to the wall that lied outside the town. Making his way towards the small break in the wall, the old man sitting beside it stood up, shaking his head as he quickly approached.

“Ohhh no. Not again Jungsoo. You're not coming anywhere near this wall after last time!” the old man shouts, marching up to meet Jongwoon before he gets anywhere close to the wall.

“Mr. Lee? Uhh, I-I'm not Jungsoo, that's my father. I'm Jongwoon.” Recognition filters across the man's face before taking a step back, still holding up his walking stick to block Jongwoon from making any attempt at stepping near the wall.

“Aaah Jongwoon of course. Well I'll tell you what I told your father all those years ago – I am in charge of guarding this wall and I'm not about to let anyone pass through! So just turn around and go home young man.”

Jongwoon looks at the man confused, before taking a step back, turning towards the village.

“Okay Mr. Lee, I'll be heading home then. Sorry!”

As the old man turns to return to his seat, Jongwoon sees his chance and makes a break for the gap. Just as he was about to pass through onto the other side, a sharp blow connects with his stomach, taking his breath away and throwing him backwards onto the grass. Above him Mr. Lee stood, cane in hand, once again shaking his head.

“After your father bested me the first time I figured it was best to ready myself for any more mischief makers, and it looks like I was right. Like father, like son the pair of you. Now I'll say it again – go HOME Jongwoon.”

Getting up from being taken down for the second time in two day he nodded, completely drained as he made his actual way home, defeated.

Walking quietly into his home he sat down at the dining table, resting his head in his arms in resignation. He had no idea how he was going to get past the wall, let alone find the star and get it back in a week for Sulli's birthday. He lets out a loud groan as his father comes in, smiling slightly at the image before him.

“You okay there son?” he asks as he walks past the brooding boy.

“mmm...” he sighs. Remembering the way Mr. Lee had mentioned 'Jungsoo' he looked at his father curiously.

“father? What do you know about crossing the wall?”

Jungsoo froze, turning to look at his son with wide eyes.

“Why do you want to know about the wall?” Jungsoo asked, sitting down beside him. Jongwoon gave a deep sigh before telling his father of the promise to Sulli and his encounter with Mr. Lee at the wall.

“...and then he mentioned you. Why would he do that?” He father looked at him for a moment before standing up, leaving the room for a moment before returning with a worn-looking parcel.

“There is more past the wall than just a fallen star my son... many years ago I travelled past the wall and saw just a glimpse of the beauty and wonder that lies beyond. There are things you don't know about the world yet, things you should that will help you if you're serious about crossing the wall and going to find the star for Sulli.” he said, pushing the parcel towards the boy.

“This is from your mother, I suggest you read it before deciding on doing anything.”

Staring at the parcel, he pulls the thin string tying it together, unravelling a letter addressed to him.

My dearest son Jongwoon.

I am so sorry that I am not there to see you grow up to be the wonderful man I have no doubt you are. Although I may never be able to come to see you, there is still a chance that once day you may come find me. In this package i've included an unbreakable chain in case you are ever in need of it, and a babylon candle – the only true way to travel here in the land of Stormhold. To use it, just light the candle and think only of me. I will always love you with all my heart no matter what the distance, never forget that.

Love, your mother

Jongwoon stared at the letter for a moment, letting all that his father has told him and the contents of the letter sink in, before walking over to where his father sat in his armchair by the fireplace, waiting. Coming to a stop before him Jungsoo stood up, looking at his son carefully before holding out his hand towards Jongwoon, a small white flower lying in his palm.

"You should take this, your mother gave it to me the night I met her. She said it was 'special' and I think she would love it that I gave it to you. This way you can show her you're definitely her son as well."

Jongwoon looked at his father before his eyes flicked down to the flower once again, gently taking it from his father. He twirled it between his fingers, watching it glitter slightly in the light from the fireplace before carefully pinned it on the collar of his coat. He let out a loud sigh before squaring his shoulders and turning to address his father.

“So my mother is waiting to see me across the wall? you think she'd like me?”

Jungsoo smiled, pulling him into a tight hug.

“She will love you so much, just you wait”

Smiling at his father, Jongwoon grips the candle tightly before making his way over to the fireplace. Staring at the fire for a moment he turns to his father.

“Okay then... wish me luck”

“Good luck my son”

Smiling, he lights the candle, a bright light immediately engulfing the room. When it dies down a moment later, the spot where Jongwoon had been standing was empty. Jungsoo stares at the spot, smiling before whispering to the empty room.

“Be safe."

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