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Series: Light Up the Sky [Chapter Two]

Title: Light Up the Sky
Rating: G [for this chapter]
Summary: here

Disclaimer: not mine
A/N: This was a long time coming. I wanted to get chapters two and three out together to move things along but work has me overwhelmed so i figured might as well give the rest of the setup now instead of just waiting. The actual YeWook starts next chapter now that I've managed to set up the three groups of characters that make up the story. Pls enjoy ^^

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02. Chapter Two

At the same time Jongwoon started to set out on his journey, an ominous mansion sat deep in the heart of Stormhold, situated in an alcove of what as known as the dark mountains. As the bright light of the star illuminates the sky, rapidly falling towards the ground a woman lets out a delighted squeal from her seat on a large windowsil. As the light disappeared from view, she hopped down from where she was perched, bouncing in excitement as she hurriedly made her way through a number of winding hallways before pushing open two heavy oak doors.

“Sisters! The time is finally upon us!” she yelled, making her way across the large entrance hall of the mansion, sneering slightly at the thick layer of dust that coated the furniture from its lack of use, before hurrying up the grand staircase and coming to a stop infront of two women who gazed at her curiously.

“Time is upon us for what Saerom?”

Gesturing wildly towards the large tinited windows that made up the intricate entrance of the castle, Saerom looked at the woman excitedly, shrieking with glee.

“Did you not see Sikyung!? A star has fallen this night!”

Sikyung gasped, hands flying to her face. “A star? Truly? Oh it has been so long since the last one fell are you sure sister?” The other girl stopped bouncing, nodding frantically.

“Yes yes I saw it myself! The bright flash that fell towards the ground could only the the sign of a star. Oh how lucky we are!” She yelled, grabbing her sister, squaling in excitement. As the two jumped around the third woman just looked at them, rolling her eyes in irritation before clearing her throat loudly.

“That fact is all well and good now but how do you suppose we set about obtaining this star for ourselves? The past years have not been good to us, never mind the fact that the remains of the last star are all but gone.”

The two giggling ladies stopped bouncing as Saerom's face fell, looking glumly between the three of them. Sunmi had a point, the lack of a star for so long had meant the curse of time and aging had withered them over the years, and the once powerful trio of witches had become nothing more than old hags, locked away to decay alongside the mansion they lived in.

Sikyung turned, grabbing a small chest from the cabinet across from where they stood, slamming it on the table altar before opening it carefuly her dark expression turning gleeful as she peered inside.

“Oh how excellent dear sisters! There is just enoughh left of this star for one of us to be able to go and collect the new one! But... who shall be the one to go?”

“We shall let the fates decide for us of course!” Saerom exclaimed, rushing back down the staircase towards the large wall of rusted cages on the side of the hall. Hurrying past a number of rabid dogs and wolves, kicking their cages harshly in irritation, she stopped before one small cage in particular, reaching in to grab a ferret-like creature before returning to where her sisters waited. Placing the animal ontop of the altar, SiKung grabbed a sharp blade quickly killed the animal, slicing it open before the three women closed their eyes, reaching for its remains.

While Sikung and Saerom kept their eyes diligently shut, hands stumbling around the carcass, Sunmi opened her eyes, quickly reaching for a specific part of the animal before shutting her eyes again to avoid suspicion as her two sisters shouted to open their eyes.

“I got the liver!”

“I got the kidney”

“And I got its heart.” Sunmi exclaimed, grinning smugly at the deflated expression of the two women beside her.

“Wow sister the fates must really have great plans for you” Saerom sighed as she cleared the altar, “you're always being picked for these important things!”

“Yeah sure...fates.” Sikung grumbled before handing over the star chest to her awaiting sister. Sunmi smiled before opening it, quickly grabbing the bright light within before consuming it. The light transferred from her palm to her body, washing over her and disappearing almost instantly. Saerom gasped quietly.

“oh sister you look positively wonderful!”

Turning to gaze into the mirror beside them, running her hands down her waist grinning. The old haggish appearance now gone, the star had completely rejuvenated her, making youth and beauty return to her once again.

“I do don't I? How devine.”

Sikung rolled her eyes at the vainty of her sister before handing over a small purple candle.

“Here is the last babylon candle we have, now make your way towards the star and when you return we'll have enough to last us for centuries! But be careful sister, you know how little of the last star you consumed every--”

“Yes yes I know Sikung using magic will lead to the power of the star fading” Sunmi stated, smirking as the two woman reach forward to light the candle in her hands.

“Don't worry dear sisters, I will return in absolute haste with our star, and eternal youth shall once again be ours.”


In the dark of the night, a boy rushed through the gates of a grand castle, hastily making his way up a number of staircases before pushing open the door at the end of the hallway, finding his father lying limply in his bed, his two brothers by his side.

“Sorry I'm late father, I arrived as soon as I could.” he says quietly, moving to stand beside the bed as well. Shuffling himself to sit as upright as possible his father looked at around at the three boys infront of him, coughing into his hand before clearing his throat roughly.

“Ahhh my sons, its so nice to see you all in one place after so long! You're probably wondering why i've asked for all of you to join me tonight. As you all know my time is coming to an end, and although your numbers have dwindled from seven to three, there is still no individual heir to the throne, especially with the loss of your sister. Zhoumi?”

“...yes father?”

“Please go to the window and tell me what you see when you look outside?”

Zhoumi shuffled across the room, leaning his body out the window to get a view of the valleys below. As he rattled on about the land and country he could see, his father watched on as one of the remaining boys quietly positioned himself behind the distracted man, pausing for a moment before forcefully shoving him out the window, watching the man topple off the side of the castle.

The king let out a loud chuckle before collapsing into a fit of coughs.

“Oh geez, that had to have hurt”

“Says the boy who managed to get himself drowned when he was the families champion swimmer.” Donghae pouted, looking at the ice-covered boy sitting beside him.

“I thought we were having a competition as to who could hold their breath the longest!”

“All these years and that is still the most ridiculous way to die I've ever heard”

“At least I won Mr. 'I died locked in a freezer because I was distracted by a pretty lady'”

“Yeah? Well--”

“Donghae, Hyukjae just shut the hell up!” a pale Heechul growled, glaring at the two boys “I can't believe I've been stuck with you guys for years and haven't managed to kill myself again.” he muttered, moving himself away from the bickering boys as a sudden screaming pierced the room, before a flattened Zhoumi faded into view. He stopped screaming with the realisation he was suddenly sitting before turning to look beside him, eyes widening in confusion.

“Heechul? Hyukkie? HAE!? What on earth are you guys doing here... wait... I don't understand aren't you all...?”

“You're dead idiot.” Heechul snorted, flipping his hair as Zhoumi turned to Hyukjae, alarmed as the boy casually shrugged. “As long as there is no official heir in the throne we're all stuck like this together.”

Zhoumi looked at his 3 brothers, slowly taking in the information before settling in as comfortably as possible between them.

“Oh well... good to see you all again I suppose. Uh, sorry about the whole drowning thing Hae.”

“eh no hard feelings, I mean I still won in the end.”

“Aaah Siwon, always the forward thinker of the family. I haven't have a laugh like that in a long time.” The king chuckled as he reached over to grab a small box that sat on the small table beside his bed. Opening it he pulled out a silver necklace, attached to it a heavy jewel the colour of dark embers now laying in his palm.

“This is the jewel of our kingdom, and is the sole possession of the ruler of Stormhold. For one to have any rightful claim to the throne, they must have this stone in their possession.”

The two boys looked at each other, edging towards the bed slightly hands gripping the handles of their weapons. The king let out a bark of laughter, watching his two sons eye each other before throwing the jewel up in the air. At the sudden motion the boys jumped back, watching as the dark colour began to glow bright, embers now resembling flickering flames before flying out the window and into the night sky. A bright flash errupted in the sky, shooting across the horizon before falling towards the ground, light disappearing.

The king coughed heavily a few times, lying back against his pile of pillows trying to regulate his breathing.

“Good luck sons, may the best man win their rightful place on the throne” he gasped out as he closed his eyes, breath slowing down until it came to a stop altogether.

Pausing infront of his father for a moment Siwon smirked before striding towards his younger brother, looking over him before pushing past him towards the door.

“Well then Kyuhyunnie~ its just us now”

Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes at his brother before snorting, giving him an arrogant smirk.

“We'll see how long you really last brother. We both know out of the two of us I'm the one gifted with brains.” Siwon let out a sarcastic chuckle at his brothers words, leaning against the open doorframe.

“I suppose I can let you have your deluded fun for now. Just don't come crying to me like you used to whenever something didn't go your way.”

Kyuhyun let out a low growl, marching up to his brother and shoving him harshly as he stepped out of the bedroom. Turning back to Siwon one last time, he gave him a determined stare.

“You'd be lucky to watch your mouth Siwon before I decide to end you this night!” he states before stalking away from the room. Siwon just lets out a loud laugh, shaking his head at his younger brothers antics before making his own way out of the room.

“That idiot always had a soft spot for our dear younger brother, he's going to get himself killed with that attitude.”

Hyukjae rolled his eyes at his loudmouthed brother who was now bickering with Zhoumi, before turning back towards a now distracted Donghae, who was looking out the window where the light was moments ago.

“I guess it really is anyone's claim now, isn't it Hyukkie?”

“If they don't kill each other first.”

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