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Series: Light Up the Sky [Chapter Three]

Title: Light Up the Sky
Rating: G [for this chapter]
Summary: here
Disclaimer: not mine
A/N: I felt bad about not getting to any YeWook yet so I pushed through and finished this chapter up~ Please enjoy :)

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03. Chapter Three

Past the mountains and forests that made up the main kingdom of Stormhold, a deep crater had been made, smoking slightly from the recent impact on the land. In the middle of the charred hole was a small unconscious man, dressed in a glistening blue outfit. His chocolate brown hair fell over his closed eyes, framing his sharp cheekbones, while around his neck sat a long chain, large ember jewel resting on his chest. Groaning as he woke up, the boy visibly winced as he sat up, immediately grabbing his ankle in pain while he looked at his surroundings. Seeing nothing but the walls of the crater the boy sighed, rising to his feet and slowly starting to limp his way to the side of the crater, trying to get an idea of where exactly he was.

Just as he reached the edge, a bright burst of light appeared in front of him, blinding him for a moment as a young man came barrelling into him, sending him flying back onto the ground. The boy groaned on top of him, shaking his head slightly before jumping, gaze flicking to the slim figure below him.

“...mother? Oh my god I'm so sorry but I didn't see you there! I just kind of... you know appeared... I'm not really used to this whole 'travel by candle thing' bUT I can't believe I finally get to meet you!”

Hurt and confused by the mans ramblings Ryeowook groaned, struggling to push his weight off him.

“first, get off me you're heavy and I'm already hurt”. Realising their position Jongwoon froze, immediately leaping to his feet and helping Ryeowook up, quietly mumbling an apology while keeping his eyes on the ground, embarrassed.

“and SECOND – do I look like a woman to you!? I may be small but I am confident only a complete moron would confuse me for a woman, which it seems you are!”

Jongwoon's head whipped up, taking a longer gaze at who he assumed was his mother in front of him. Realising that this was indeed not a woman but a feminine young boy before him, confusion immediately filling him. Had he not be sent to his mother? That was the whole point of using the candle was it not?

While the bewildered boy contemplated what exactly was happening Ryeowook looked at him, wriggling his way out of the strangers grip before shuffling away from the obviously odd man. Suddenly Jongwoon gasped, gripping his hair tightly in panic.

“Oh no no no no no I was meant to think of nothing but mother!! But I couldn't help it and at the last second it just came into my mind and all I could think about was Sulli and the stupid star for her birthday and – THE STAR!” he shouted, turning on a wide eyed Ryeowook.

“You were here! Have you seen the star that fell out of the sky earlier? It is really important that I find it and it has to have landed around here somewhere!” he asked, frantically looking around the floor of the crater. Ryeowook watched the frantic boy for a moment before letting out a sharp laugh, smiling sweetly at Jongwoon.

“Well you're in luck mister! Because right above us is where the star was sitting in the sky before it got knocked down by a stupid ember piece of stone. And right over there is where it crash landed on this stupid hunk of land!” Jongwoon watched as the boys demeanour changed from sweet to angry, gesturing madly before turning to him, shoving his chest harshly

'and right HERE is where the star was standing when it got bowled over by a stupid oaf who proceeded to mistake him for a goddamn GIRL!!”

Bewildered and slightly scared, Jongwoon just stared at the now furious boy, letting his words sink in.

“you? You're the star?”

“the stars NAME is Ryeowook. Now if you'll excuse me mister idiot but I'm sure I've got places to be that don't involve entertaining the likes of you.” Ryeowook huffed, attempting to limp his way away from Jongwoon up the side of the crater. Jongwoon simply observed the struggling boy, weighing up his options. He was stuck here now in the middle of nowhere with just the stub of the babylon candle, and although he couldn't find his mother, he still had the star right in front of him...

“I'm really sorry about this.” Jongwoon mumbled, reaching into his pocket and retrieving the small chain that had come in his mothers package before grabbing Ryeowook's hand, wrapping it around his wrist.

“what-- what on EARTH are you doing! Unhand me and let me go this instant you crazy man!”

Jongwoon looked at the raging boy in front of him, starting to feel somewhat guilty as he tugged angrily at the chain around his wrist.

“I can't... at least not quite yet. I need you for a birthday present for this girl—”

“A present!? You expect me to just go with you as a present for some random lady? You can't possibly be serious!”

“Its just for a week, and I promise I'll let you go as soon as the week is up and we've returned to Wall. But right now you're injured and can't get rid of this chain, so you need me.” Ryeowook let out a disgruntled huff, staring down the boy before his shoulders sagged in defeat.

“...fine. Just get us out of this stupid crater and hurry this up – the sooner I can get away from you the better.”

After climbing their way out of the crater, finding nothing but rolling valleys and the treeline of a large forest, the two slowly made their way across the plain and into the dense canopy of trees. Night made way for day and as the sun rose in the sky Ryeowook slowed considerably, lagging further and further behind Jongwoon before stopping altogether, collapsing against a nearby tree.

“Can we stop Jongwoon? Just for a moment?”

Jongwoon came to an adbrupt stop, being pulled by the suddenly taut chain. Walking back towards the tired by he looked at him, visibly confused.

“Tired? It's the middle of the day and we've barely made any progress!” Ryeowook just rolled his eyes, leaning his head heavily on the trunk of the tree.

“Yes but look up at the sky, how many stars do you see out right now? I should be asleep, not stuck in some silly forest trying to walk on a hurt ankle! All I'm asking for is for five, ten minutes of rest.”

Looking at the sad boy, Jongwoon felt a wave of pity wash over him. Glancing quickly around the forest, he contemplated what he should do, gaze finally resting on Ryeowook, pouting has he looked up at him from his spot on the ground. Sighing in defeat Jongwoon wound the chain around the tree, making sure Ryeowook could not go anywhere.

“Stay here and rest, I'll go look around for any food that may be nearby okay?”

Ryeowook sighed in relief, making himself comfortable in the small amount of space he had.

“It's not like I can go anywhere is it?”

Gving him a quick nod Jongwoon turned, walking away from the small boy.

“Jongwoon!” Ryeowook suddenly called, making Jongwoon turn back to look at him over his shoulder.

“...thankyou. For, you know, letting me rest.”

Jongwoon smiled “Just don't hurt yourself while I'm gone!” he chuckled, disappearing into the brush as Ryeowook tried to calm the sudden heat rushing to his face.


It was dark when Ryeowook awoke from his nap. The sun had long set as he frantically looked around the pitch black woods, trying to find any sign that Jongwoon was around.

“Jongwoon? A-are you back yet?” he stuttered out, flinching as the sky lit up, thunder booming in the distance. When no response came it was obvious he was still alone, stuck to the base of the tree.

Panic filled him as a loud rustling came from somewhere behind in, gradually making its way closer. The noise became louder and louder, until a fear-struck Ryeowook watched a white horse break through the brush, cream horn glistening on the top of its head. Sighing in relief, Ryeowook relaxed and held out his hand, beckoning the unique horse to come closer to him.

“You guys always know where us stars are don't you?” he chuckled, stroking its mane lightly. The horse neighed, moving its head to strike the chain around the tree. Coming in contact with the horn the chain snapped, sizzling before breaking in half, landing on the dirt ground.

Realising his new found freedom Ryeowook grinned, patting the horse before slowly standing up. Swinging himself on top of the horse he patted its back gently, riding off into the forest as the rain started to fall.

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