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One Shot: Siwon's Secret Journal of Skinship

Title: Siwon's Secret Journal of Skinship
Rating: PG
Pairing: SiWook
Word count: ~6500
Summary: Siwon gets a journal from his sister for his birthday. At first he's unsure what to make of it, but the small book soon develops into his own secret way of remembering the special moments his has with the one suju member he craves attention from the most.
A/N: i came up with this ridiculous idea a looongg time ago and got a couple of requests for it to be written, and i've finally managed to finish this nonsense. Idk why people trust me to write anything it always ends up a ridiculous mess orz
*** i found the post that started it all god kdxfjghdkjs

“Happy birthday oppa!!”

Siwon smiled, looking down at the carefully wrapped package that had just landed on the table in front of him while the young woman settled in the seat across from him, grabbing the warm coffee he had ordered for her when she arrived. It had been a long time since Siwon had had a break long enough to spend time with his little sister, feeling over the moon to be quietly nestled in the back corner of an expensive cafe in Sinchon, taking a break between concert preparations so he could spend the morning of his birthday with her.

Jiwon you shouldn't have, you know I don't like you spending any money on me!”

Oh shush” she replied as she rolled her eyes at the humble nature of her brother, all too familiar with his attempts to try and reject any presents bought for him. “It's nothing super expensive so you can stop having a freak out over my spending money like an actual adult – just open it!!”

He sighed, giving his sister a small pout before he reached for the box, taking great care to take off the wrapping paper [“Siwon oh my god just rip the paper its not going to kill you to be messy for once in your life”] he opened the box to find a small black book. Flipping it over curiously he found both sides of the cover bare, flipping through the lined pages, all completely blank.

A journal?”

Well, whenever we talk on the phone you're always rambling on about how no one else ever listens to your nonsense, so I figured you might like somewhere private to write down all those stories and keep a hold of them instead.”

Siwon was once again touched by the continual thoughtfulness of his sister – every time his birthday rolled around Jiwon managed to go above and beyond to get him something special that would be useful in his hectic life. Grabbing her hand on top of the coffee mug he grinned, holding the journal close to his chest.

Thank you so much Jiwon, I promise that I'll put it to good use as soon as possible!”

You better, I put a lot of though and effort into this! Do you know how hard it was to pick which shade of black suited you!?” she replied teasingly, moving to sip her coffee as her brother made a face at her. While they continued their chat Siwon slipped the small book into his bag, making a note to himself to get it out and use it the next chance he got.

He just didn't realise that the contents of the book would end up being so... embarrassing?

A week after his birthday breakfast with his sister Siwon found himself on stage, right in the middle of the groups set for one of the many spring festivals they'd been booked for. As the familiar opening to miracle blasted over the screams of the crowd below he broke from the group, making his way down his assigned path through the sea of fans. He waved to the large group of girls, sending them a bright smile as he sung his small bunch of lines before he looked up, freezing when he saw just who was making their way towards him.

Ryeowook was smiling brightly, waving animatedly to the crowd while he skipped across the stage, obviously enjoying today's performance. Siwon wasn't quite sure what to do – ever since Ryeowook had complained about having to constantly do skinship management had switched their routes so they generally avoided each other, knowing that Siwon was the most touchy out of all the members.

Throwing caution to the wind Siwon continued down the walkway towards the boy, trying to engage the fans as casually as possible as he went. Catching Ryeowook's eye he watched the small man grin at him, increasing his pace to reach the taller man. Confused Siwon raised his hand, dumbfounded as Ryeowook enthusiastically hi-fived him, laughing loudly at Siwon's expression before continuing past him. After a moment Siwon managed to snap himself out of his bewilderment, hurrying back towards the centre stage to rejoin the rest of the group, bright grin plastered in his face.

That night, long after he had parted from the rest of the exhausted group, Siwon settled on his bed with journal and pen in hand, ready to try and write his first entry. He sat there, stumped as to what he should write about before a small smile crossed his face, an idea suddenly coming to him. It was a short entry, not even filling half the page, but Siwon was happily satisfied with what he'd written. Closing the book Siwon thought nothing more of it, hiding the journal under the large stack of scripts on his desk.

'Today, despite constantly arguing that he hated crossing paths with me and doing skinship during concerts, Ryeowook smiled and openly gave me a hi-five on stage in front of everyone without me pressuring him. It made me happy.'


Two months later they're on a variety show in China, trying to actively promote the new Super Junior M album. They'd been on the Chinese program before, the two bubbly hosts welcoming Siwon in excitement as the rest of the group settled on the two rows of seats. Greeting them in his best Chinese Siwon smiled, making his way to the only available seat between Sungmin and Ryeowook.

The filming quickly began, Siwon over the moon as he felt Ryeowook shuffle his seat closer to him, gentle nudge on his arm a silent plea for some sort of translation of what the two talkative hosts were rambling on about. With their two official translators busy managing Hyukjae and Sungmin, and teaching Kyuhyun complicated tongue twisters to recite Siwon was more than happy to comply, pressing himself closer to the smaller man [trying to not be obviously all over Ryeowook], whispering rough translations into his ear.

As the show progressed Ryeowook became more and more comfortable, practically moulding himself into Siwon's side while the pair watched the other members participate in a variety of ridiculous games. Carefully Siwon slung his arm around the other man's shoulders, awaiting the normal shrug off that often followed when touching Ryeowook. After a minute passed without the usual resistance he faced Siwon was ecstatic, holding the other to him more firmly. The rest of the taping breezed by for Siwon, distracted by the melodic giggles Ryeowook released against his chest the entire time.

Ryeowook practically let me hug him on national Chinese TV today! Well... half hug... more like an arm around him... but whatever! The important part was that he didn't resist and it seemed like he was actually excited about being so close to me. Success!!”


A week before their first Super Show date the group was called together by the company, hoping to shoot a number of video promotions for the rest of the tour while the members all had some free time. Making his way into the SM building Siwon strolled into the small studio, greeting his hyungs and heading towards the makeshift make up counter set up in the back of the room.

Seating himself he smiled at the stylists, mind drifting off when an unfamiliar head of blonde collapsed in the seat beside him, grumbling under his breath. Focusing on the boy beside him Siwon was shocked to realise that the strange blonde was actually Ryeowook, the maknae shooting him an angry glare as he gaped.

I know I know I look like a stupid garlic bulb – trust me I've heard it enough today hyung I don't need it from you as well.”

...Garlic bulb?”

Ryeowook sighed, avoiding the older man's curious gaze by staring pointedly at his fingers. “Hyukjae hyung and Kyukyu have been wonderful in letting me know how silly my new hairstyle looks... I just wanted to try something different for a change, if I know I would look this ridiculous I wouldn't have done it! They don't have to constantly remind me how ugly I am...”

Shock rushed through Siwon, taking in the sad pout adorning Ryeowook's face.

Y-you think you're ugly?”

Ryeowook gave a weak chuckle, head turned down towards his lap “Well it's not like I'm you.”

Siwon looked at the sad boy, anger coursing through him as the boy avoided his gaze. “Ryeowook you can't possibly be serious!! Sure, you're not me, but you're still absolutely beautiful – people would kill for your looks! Don't let those idiots get to you, they only stay this stuff to get a rise out of you. Besides, if it means anything... I think you look stunning.”

Ryeowook looked at Siwon, cheeks flushed a light pink and eyes wide as he gave his hyung a small smile. The blonde only served to accent the boys adorable features, Siwon himself turning an embarrassing red in response.

H-how about when we're done here today we go steal Kyuhyun's laptop and mess up Hyukjae's room as revenge?”

He got a small giggle in response, the maknae giving him a nod with a bright smile. Returning the smile Siwon got up from his seat, make up now complete, moving to join the rest of the group.

Thank you”

Siwon just smiled, looking back at Ryeowook. “Of course Ryeowookie.”

When Ryeowook's make up was finally complete the pd called for the boys to take their positions, demanding that Siwon be seated front and centre for the shot. The rest of the group moved to take their spots around the chairs, Donghae moving to take a seat beside Siwon before he was shoved out of the way, Ryeowook marching past him and sitting in the seat directly beside Siwon.

The rest of the members stared, bewildered at the maknaes actions as Ryeowook settled himself into the chair. Sending Siwon a shy smile he focused his attention back to the camera, pd calling the shocked members to do the same.

The cameras rolled, Hyukjae easily taking over the leading roll as he talked about the the various upcoming performances. Siwon listened distractedly, focusing his gaze at the ground below the camera before he felt a small hand reaching for his own, gently taking it from his lap in a firm grip.

While the rest of the members provide animated responses to Hyukjae's speech Siwon just watched on stunned, Ryeowook casually moving to lean against his shoulder, trailing his fingers up and down his arm absent-mindedly. Turning his focus back to the camera Siwon just smiled, squeezing Ryeowook's hand in response.

'Ryeowookie changed his hair colour today. It was shocking at first but honestly, it makes him look even prettier - how is that even possible!? I really wish he could see what I saw when I looked at him, he should never ever feel like he's ugly. At least by the end of the day he was feeling better, he even grabbed my hand and touched me first! Plus we managed to hide Kyuhyunnie's computer in the best place ever, he'd never willingly go into the laundry...'


Ryeowook-ssi, why don't you introduce our special guest for today?”

Aaah of course! Honestly, I was like 'woah~!' about ten times more than usual today when I walked into the studio, because we have a very special guest today. For the first time Super Junior's face is here today! Please welcome our own Siwon-ssi!” Ryeowook and Lady Jane gave a loud cheer, clapping as Siwon walked into the studio with a quick bow before taking his seat at the table.

Hello everyone I am the one who loves Sukira the most, Super Junior's Siwon! Thank you for having me.” he stated, the pair across from him breaking out into giggles as the fans screamed outside the window at the other end of the room. Standing up Siwon gave them a small wave, smiling warmly before he settled back into the seat, placing his headphones on properly while Ryeowook dove straight into the first topic on the nights script.

Listening quietly while Ryeowook spoke with Lady Jane about something that had happened on the program earlier in the week Siwon sat back, observing his dongsaeng carefully. Despite turning into the show as often as he could, he couldn't help but notice how different the atmosphere was when actually seated in the studio with the maknae. Over the years there had always been an open invitation for any of the members to come down and visit sukira when they weren't busy, and this was the first opportunity Siwon had gotten to visit Ryeowook between his busy filming schedule.

As the maknae worked Siwon watched the shy quiet image of the eternal maknae fade away, making way for the loud and confident personality that the group all knew and loved - a vast difference to the awkward nature that came about when the cameras rolled on the younger man. Siwon felt oddly proud, excited that he could witness Ryeowook properly in his element doing something that he truly loved doing – it had taken so long for the man to come out of his shell, he felt it was about time it started to properly pay off for his dongsaeng.

The evening was spent in constant laughter when Siwon entered the conversation properly, time flying between mumblings of ridiculous gossip with fans and acting out embarrassing skits – about dating and relationships of all things. Despite the absurd topics Siwon felt like he was having the time of his life, slowly dropping his refined image as he listened to Ryeowook, snorting loudly at one of the comments Ryeowook had made about the other members.

I have a very important question!” Lady Jane announced in a lull in the conversation, looking at the two men beside her. “Why are the both of you so excited to be around each other when you guys are members of the same group?”

It's because I'm weak to Ryeowookie” Siwon replied, looking at the blushing maknae. “Besides, we don't get to see other often when we're doing individual activities”

So what exactly is the relationship between you two?”

Siwon sent the younger man a small smile, turning to Lady Jane with a grin. “Like an alligator and bird, we just can't live without the other.”

You two are so close!” Lady Jane laughed, watching as
her friend turned a darker shade of red while Siwon hesitated, not sure how to properly respond.

I think that we're close”

We've gotten especially close to each other” Ryeowook immediately added, gaze not meeting the other. While Lady Jane changed the conversation to another fan-asked question Siwon fell silent once again, letting the other two handle the response while he observed Ryeowook fondly. He hadn't expected him to respond so quickly and positively, and he was glad that the maknae also felt that their relationship was improving. Siwon had always been weak to the maknae, and to get confirmation that the bright boy cared about him in some form had stirred something inside his heart.

They talked for a little longer until Ryeowook decided it was time for a break, throwing to one of Super Junior's old songs. Turning off his microphone and removing his headphones the maknae looked up, catching Siwons eyes with his own soft gaze. They stared at each other, Siwon feeling as if time has stood still before Ryeowook sent him a small smile and a wink while he got up to talk to the producer, leaving a red faced Siwon looking down at his lap nervously.

When they returned the broadcast continued as planned until finally they were sending out their goodnight kiss and signing off, bowing in thanks to the fans still stood outside. Following the directions of the producer Siwon moved to the back of the studio where the other two were waiting, moving to stand beside Lady Jane to take photos for the stations website.

Eventually Lady Jane separated from the pair, Ryeowook immediately moving to grab Siwon and pull him closer until they were firmly pressed against each other in a warm embrace. Siwon turned his gaze down on Ryeowook, fondly watching the younger man pose cutely for the next photo before the shutter of the camera pulled him out of his trance. The two continued posing together, hands clasped together and smiling widely at each other.

None of this had been what Siwon was expecting when he first agreed to attend the broadcast that night, but he was sure that he would return often if he could spend more time like this with the eternal maknae.

'Why have I never been to visit Sukira before! Not only was the atmosphere great but Ryeowook was amazing as Sukiras dj. It was a great night and to top it all off we got to take a bunch of photos together where Ryeowookie willingly let me hold him~ Good thing I got the radio workers to send me a copy of all the photos, it was a fantastic night. Hopefully I can do it again soon...'


After one of the first Super Show 5 performances in Seoul, it was quickly decided that it was important for the group to go out an have a proper family celebration after spending so much time apart with individual activites. Settling comfortably in his seat Siwon watched on, sipping his beer slowly as the rest of the group went wild – as they usually do – practically inhaling the chicken and alcohol spread across the table.

By the time Siwon finally finished his first bottle the rest of the group were all in varied stages of being significantly drunk. He looked over to see Sungmin nearly falling out of his seat, wide eyes unfocused as he leant towards a muttering Donghae, who was trying to tell some sort of story between drunken slurs and giggles. On the other end of the table he watched Hyukjae and Kyuhyun both drowsily leaning on an amused Kangin, the only member In the group that was completely sober. The pair shared a wry smile, not looking forward to the mess that would be getting everyone settled back at the dorms.

As the managers finally moved in to start moving the dishevelled group to the vans to get them in bed - where they could keep their havoc reasonably contained – a loud bang rung out from the back of the empty restaurant. Lifting himself from his seat with a heavy sigh Siwon sent Kangin a small nod, moving around the passed out Heechul, to make his way towards the source of the noise.

He ended up in the back hall next to the bathroom doors, finding a wobbling Ryeowook trying to make his way back across the room, seemingly arguing with a potted plant. It was obvious that the alcohol had taken a serious toll on the maknae, the drunk man eventually stumbling forward into the plant and keeling over, Siwon barely managing to catch him before Ryeowook ended up falling flat on his face. Ryeowook looked around, lost and confused from the sudden movement, before he managed to focus his attention on the man now holding him, large grin spreading on his pink face.

sIWONiee hyung~!” he hiccuped, trying not to fall again as he righted himself in the older mans arms,

Ryeowook its time to go home everyone else is heading for the vans.”

homE? But why when we can just go home instead?”

...okay Wook” Siwon sighed, watching the smaller man nod determinedly, “lets go with your idea, c'mon follow me.”

Moving behind the drunk man Siwon lead him through the rows of tables, hand placed gently on the maknaes lower back to stop him from falling over once again. Returning to their now empty table Siwon quickly grabbed Ryeowook's jacket, throwing it on the smaller mans shoulders before guiding them towards the exit. Bowing to the store ajummas – who give him a laugh and wave in response – Siwon pushed the door open, leading Ryeowook out to the awaiting van.

At first Siwon attempted to get Ryeowook to enter the back seat first, Kyuhyun passed out next to the bored manager in the front, but it quickly became frustratingly clear that Ryeowook was against the entire idea, choosing to instead wrap himself around one of Siwon's arms tightly. After the third attempt to shove Ryeowook through the open door Siwon eventually gave up and lifted himself into the van, sighing in relief when Ryeowook willingly let himself be pulled in with him until they were both firmly settled comfortably on the back seat.

When the manager finally started the long drive back to the dorms Siwon let out a relieved sigh, leaning against his arm while he looked out the window, welcoming the quietness after the hectic day. The silence lasted for a few moments before Siwon felt a number of gentle brushes against his side, barely there before there was a heavy warmth pressed against him. Turning his gaze lazily Siwon couldn't help but flinch back in shock, surprised at just how close Ryeowook had managed to get to him, his large eyes unfocused as he looked up at him drowsily.

Siwon was frozen for a moment before he shuffled himself away from maknae in an attempt to give the drunk man some space to lie down. Instead he watched warily as the maknae eagerly followed his movement, shuffling alongside him until Siwon was pressed up against the door of the van with Ryeowook all but on top of him, unable to move anywhere else.

Siwonnieeeeeeeee” he heard Ryeowook whine, the younger man leaning forward to wrap his arms around Siwon's abdomen in a loose hug. He looked down at the boy who was attempting to press himself snugly against his body, placing an arm around him and stroking his side gently, a loud drunken giggle all he got as a response.

The rest of the drive home Siwon sat and watched with an amused grin as the smaller man mumbled out a constant slew of jumbled nonsense in his drunken stupor while stubbornly clinging to him. Eventually the low drum of the engine and the alcohol took its toll on the maknae, drowsiness coming over Ryeowook as his ramblings became more incoherent and sporadic.

By the time they finally pulled up to the dorm Ryeowook was fast asleep in Siwon's arms, the older man continuing his gentle strokes as he watched the boy contently.

'Ryeowook spent a lot of time with me tonight! He was all smiles and was super chatty the entire way home. He even chose to hug me himself! Sure he maaay have been a
little drunk at the time, but it was cute nonetheless. Besides, he is super adorable when he mumbles about giraffes in his sleep.'


Eventually Siwon had to resort to bringing the journal everywhere with him, the hectic nature of the tour making him worried that he would miss writing down even one moment with Ryeowook. Every act of skinship he got to share with the eternal maknae had become more and more precious to him, and Siwon was determined the cherish each and every one no matter how trivial they seemed.

Siwon was backstage at the Tokyo Dome, getting ready for the start of the next super show, when journal slipped out of his half open backpack. By the time Siwon finally realised the small black book was missing twenty minutes had passed, and Siwon was frantic as he teared through his backpack looking for it. A loud snicker from behind him caught his attention, whirling around to find Heechul and Kyuhyun sitting in the corner of the room, holding a very familiar black book. Siwon was frozen in absolute horror. Watching the pair for a moment before he lunged off his seat, throwing himself at the two men in an attempt to get his now not-so-secret journal back from the pair before any further damage could be done.

He figured if he was fast enough he could hide the book and pass this off to the rest of the group as Heechul and Kyuhyun deciding to tease him about made up nonsense, however luck was never on his side as he found himself sprawled on the cold ground, body tangled with a grinning Kyuhyun who was surprisingly stronger than he appeared.

Does this mean I'm going to get written about in a special journal now hyung? Or is that just reserved for our dear Ryeonggu?”

Shuttup Kyuhyun” Siwon growled, reaching desperately for the book before Kyuhyun managed to wiggle his arm free, immediately throwing the book over the disgruntled mans head, who watched on in horror as it landed directly in font of a bewildered Donghae.

And that was the moment when Siwon knew it was all over for him.

Looking at the floor curiously Donghae reached down, confused as to why the pair - and more importantly, someone as mild-mannered as Siwon - were arguing over such a trivial thing. As he opened it up, flicking through its pages quickly, his confusion made way for amusement, large grin spreading across his face. Sungmin joined them soon after, reading silently over the smaller man's shoulder before he lout out a loud giggle, looking over at Siwon.

I didn't know you were such a romantic Wonnie!” he teased while Siwon groaned loudly, picking himself off the ground and throwing himself back onto the couch, defeated. He covered his eyes as the rest of the group filtered in, everyone quickly made aware of the situation and immediately joining in on the teasing.

When the room fell unusually quiet Siwon removed the arm over his eyes, sitting up in confusion. Looking at the group staring at the door Siwon turned to find them staring at a quiet Ryeowook, who flipped through the pages of the journal silently. Siwon blanched, mumbling out a mess of panicked sounds [which he hoped was some sort of excuse or apology... he wasn't really sure what he managed to stutter out] before Ryeowook's sharp gaze flicked to him, the boys cheeks flushed a bright red before he gently put the book on a nearby table, turning on his heel and leaving the room as quickly as he had come.

The group unfroze, Sungmin rushing out of the room after the small man while Siwon let out a long pained whine, pitied pat on his back from Kangin doing little to calm him. There was no doubt in his mind that he was in soooo much trouble.

A few hours later Siwon had composed himself enough to present a chilled persona on stage, running along the stage smiling widely at the screaming fans in front of him. Continuing along his path, he was in the middle of posing for fans when a loud screech from behind startled him. Turning around he saw a small blur rushing towards him before it threw itself at him, Siwon barely able to keep himself upright as he steadied the body in his arms.

...Ryeowook?” he muttered dumbfounded as the maknae wiggled himself in Siwons arms, dancing awkwardly for the crowd of screaming girls. The man let out a loud giggle before detaching himself, bouncing on the balls of his feet as he smiled at Siwon and continued his loop around the rest of the arena. This happened a total six more times [Siwon made sure to count], Ryeowook coming up to him more and more often as the night went on, confusing Siwon more than ever. More than once in their long nine year career Ryeowook had openly complained about having to do skinship while walking around during concerts, especially with the likes of Siwon, and here the man was practically all over him at every given opportunity.

Despite the confusion, Siwon couldn't find it in him to mind one bit.


When they retired to their individual hotel rooms at the end of the night Siwon was exhausted, both physically and emotionally drained from the rocky chain of events. Deciding to go and take a shower, Siwon mulled over the very odd day as he stepped into the bathroom.

Returning to the main part of the room he made his way over to grab a change of clothes, carefully eyeing the small black book that laid beside them in the bag before turning away from it, deciding to ignore the cause of all his troubles. Its wasn't until twenty minutes later of bored TV watching that Siwon found himself returning to the bag, pulling out the journal and moving to write about his day.

[Siwon would argue that he grabbed the book out of complete boredom, rather than the compulsive need to cherish the insanity of the day.]

Settling at the small hotel table he flicked through the pages, filled with the notes he'd written over the past couple of months. He spent some time reading through them, smile unconsciously illuminating his face at the range of emotions on the page, revelling in the importance each of the memories held from him. Finally getting to the last entry he remembered writing he turned the page, ready to write again until he paused. Instead of the blank page he expected he finds a scrawl of messing writing that filled the page, bright red ink jumping out at him. The handwriting was extremely familiar, and when his brain eventually put two and two together he froze.

Oh no.

It appeared that Ryeowook had written the message in a hurry, flurry of letters messy and tangled together. Siwon prepared himself himself for the worst, more that ready to be cursed out on paper, which wouldn't be the first time Ryeowook had resorted to shaming the other members in such a manner, but the fear turned into a weird sense of elated joy as he deciphered the message.

'Siwonnie hyung got a lot of hugs and skinship today!!! Although he is really silly, hyung should know that Ryeowookie still cares about him even when they're arguing about skinship, and just because Ryeowookie isn't super affectionate with him in public doesn't mean he doesn't want to spend time with hyung. Siwonnie hyung should start asking Ryeowookie about skinship more often, maybe he'd get even more for his troubles~'

There was a warm fuzzy feeling in his stomach as he read the message over and over, giddy at the adorable words the younger man had written. He quickly wrote his own entry - only after making sure to carefully preserve Ryeowook's, turning the page over gently - before he got up, rushing down the hall to the room where he knew Ryeowook was.

He knocked on the door gently, muffled thumps coming from within the room before the door swung open to reveal a dishevelled Ryeowook, skin make up free and hair sticking up wildly. The man had obviously been just about to sleep, rubbing his eyes roughly as he gave a long yawn.

Siwonnie hyung?”

I'm so sorry that I never told you about my journal!” Siwon exclaimed, looking down in embarrassment to avoid the tired gaze of the other before him. “It was just this silly thing I started after my sister gave me it as a birthday present. It was meant to write down important memories, and the first thing that came to mind was to write about how important your affection is to me! And oh man I just realised how creepy this all sounds you must think I'm some sort of freak wow okay maybe I should start all over again? God I should've thought this through I'm screwing up so bad...”

Siwon was silenced by a light pressure on his cheek, Ryeowook leaning up to press a gentle peck just beside his lips. His eyes widened in shock as Ryeowook pulled back, giving him a shy grin before he wrapped himself around the other mans larger frame, his head resting on Siwon's shoulder. It took a moment for the situation to fully sink into Siwon's head, but once finally realised he was just standing there he quickly moved to wrap his arms around Ryeowook, pressing the smaller man against him so that they're locked together in a tight hug.

Hyung, you really are an idiot.” Ryeowook sighed, breath tickling Siwon's neck as they stood together. “I'm not mad about the journal. Sure it was a little odd at first reading all that stuff about myself, but I was more annoyed with how the others were making fun oh you for it.”

I uhhh... huh?”

Ryeowook shook his head in amusement, hair tickling Siwon as he let out a short giggle. “to be honest Siwonnie... I thought the journal was kind of cute, in an adorably awkward kind of way.”

Siwon loosened his grip on the man, leaning back to get a proper look at Ryeowook. Seeing no hint of the teasing he expected to see Siwon's jaw dropped, mind trying to fully understand the sudden revelation. Ryeowook thought all of this was... cute?

Well I think you're cute.” Siwon blurted, hand flying to his mouth in embarrassment as Ryeowook let out a snicker.

Oh my god hyung are you serious? I'm totally flattered but can you get even dorkier right now?”

Shush you” Siwon replied, in too good of a mood to really care about Ryeowook's teasing. “You're positive that you're not mad at me?”

I am 100% positive that I'm not! Just – in the future, promise me that you'll just ask for hugs and stuff instead of making it so weird, okay? I like you a lot so you don't have to act like its a secret mission to get me to do skinship both on and off stage.”

I promise~” Siwon crooned, grabbing Ryeowook once more before lifting him into the air with a grin. Ryeowook let out a small squeak at the sudden change before letting out an amused giggle, demands to be put down falling on deaf ears as he desperately grabbed ahold of Siwon's shoulders to steady himself as they is spun around the room just inside the doorway.

When he started to feel dizzy Siwon slowed to a halt, putting the boy back on the ground and helping to steady him as he wobbled about slightly. When he was sure that he wasn't going to fall flat on his face Ryeowook looked up at Siwon, large grin almost blinding.

It's getting late and I don't know about you but if we don't go to bed soon we're never going to wake up in the morning and Teukie hyung will end up killing us. Now are you going to come in or were you planning on just sitting outside for the rest of the night?”

uUhh w-wook” siwon stammered, surprised at the sudden forwardness being exhibited by the seemingly innocent smaller man. “i-isn't it a b-bit early to be doing anything l-like...that?”

Siwon!” Ryeowook gasped, hitting his hyungs arm and holding a hand to his chest in mock horror “how dare you think of me like that! I meant are you coming in to go to sleep, not what you were thinking of!! I may have to take back what I said you're obviously trying to corrupt me and my innocent nature~”

As Ryeowook continued to ramble about his 'newly destroyed innocence' Siwon turned a bright red, mouth forming a round 'oh' as he fully realised his misunderstanding.

Nice job Casanova, way to take an amazing moment and turn it into an awkward one. You've only just gotten together and you've already made a fool of yourself.


Siwon for the love of god I do not care about your stupid journal just leave me alone!!”

But Kyuhyuuuunnniiieeeeeee” Siwon whined, “you were the one who took it in the first place! Now it has Ryeowookie's entry in it as well and you didn't get to see that one, so now its even more special!! Look just read a little bit of it and look at how cute he is!!"

I get it okay!? Ryeowook is super duper cute I am on board with that statement alright?”

...Ryeowook is mine I don't want to hear you calling him cute again.”

oh. my. God.” Kyuhyun groaned, rolling his eyes at his enthusiastic hyung. “ you are actually the stupidest person alive – how does Ryeonggu even put up with you for five minutes without losing his mind!??”

Because he's a saint!” Heechul cackled, watching from the armchair as Siwon tried once more to get Kyuhyun to pay attention to his 'special journal entry of Ryeowook's cuteness'. It had been two weeks since the incident in Japan, and to the surprise of the rest of the group, both Siwon and Ryeowook had taken the embarrassing moment in their stride, quietly admitting their interest in each other to everyone.

Although it was quite a new relationship, it became very obvious very quickly to the group what kind of boyfriend Siwon was when it came to Ryeowook, the older man protectively showing the small man off at any chance he could - to Ryeowook's ultimate dismay, but so far he was more than willing to put up with the insane antics of his boyfriend.

[Bets were already running rampant within both super junior and the company as to when (not if) Ryeowook would snap and break Siwon into complete submission.]

As the pair continued to argue on the couch over the journal a loud bang startled them, Ryeowook stomping out of the kitchen ladle in hand and dressed in Sungmin's ridiculous pink frilly apron, huffing as he stared angrily at the two of them.

Kyukyu just take a look at the goddamn journal I've had just about enough of his sulking about how you won't completely accept our love.” he growled, staring at the bewildered maknae before shooting Siwon a small smile, rushing forward to press a soft kiss to the man's cheek before turning on his heel and walking back into the kitchen. As the door slammed shut behind him the three boys sat in stunned silence, staring at the now closed door Ryeowook had just gone through.

...what the fuck was that?”

yah horse, what the hell did you do to my dongsaeng!!?!?”

While the other two discussed how insane Ryeowook was acting now that he was with 'the company horse', Siwon just continued to sit in silence, goofy grin stuck on his face.

[“You know eventually Chul hyung
and Kyu are going to figure out you're messing with them when it comes to pda with Siwon around them right?”

Ryeowook looked at Sungmin, grinning at the older man cheekily. “Yeah, but that moment isn't right now! Let me use my adorably dumb attractive boyfriend to teach those two a lesson about making fun of him now that he's with me.”]

Tags: fic:one shot, p: siwon/ryeowook
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