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One Shot: Five Nights at Kyuhyun's

Title: Five Nights at Kyuhyun's
Rating: PG
Pairing: KyuMinWook
Word count: ~2000
Summary: Kyuhyun discovers the game five nights at freddy's and decides to share it with his two favourite hyungs
A/N: (Based on Jasmine's ridiculous fic idea because you know I dropped everything to write this nonsense)
** an important note, this whole thing will make alot more sense if you've played or seen the game before. If you haven't heard of the game before you can check out a small portion of the game here - it'll explain alot of the mechanics described **

Kyuhyun first discovered the phenomenon that is Five Nights at Freddy's on one of his favourite gaming forums, a number of threads posted about how it was one of the scariest games to be released in a number of years. Finding a couple of playthrough videos on youtube he watched a number of people in varying states of panic, and although he couldn't fully understand what was being said he'd seen enough to know that he absolutely needed to give the game a shot. Almost immediately he switched tabs to buy the game, leaving it to download while he went to grab all the necessary supplies he'd need for a full night of gaming.

Walking out into the kitchen he passed Sungmin and Ryeowook sitting at the dining table talking quietly amongst themselves. Opening the cupboard to grab bags of chocolates and chips he focused on the pair, curious as to what they were discussing so seriously.

“What are you guys talking about, you look like you found out you have to skip your next day off.”

“Hyukjae and Shindong pranked me today for a hidden camera” Ryeowook replied, Sungmin patting his shoulder gently. “They stuck me in an elevator and had some girl come in and pretend to be a ghost and scare me.”

“That doesn't sound so bad?” Kyuhyun mumbled between mouthfuls, curious as to why his best friend visibly winced in Sungmin's arms. “It wouldn't have been so bad if Wookie here didn't try to punch the poor girl when he turned around and saw her.”

At Sungmin's words Kyuhyun choked, falling into a fit of coughs as he let out a loud laugh while Ryeowook glared at him. “I was scared! Like you would've been any better in the same situation... and stop eating so much junk food after dinner you need to keep a healthy diet if you're going to stay up.”

Rolling his eyes at the pairs nagging he picked up his drink, moving out of the kitchen and back towards the door. Pausing for a moment he turned back to them, mischievous grin on his face. “Well if you wanted you could come take your mind off it by playing with me? I just downloaded this new game thats out and we can hang out and play if you want.”

At his words Sungmin frowned, while Ryeowook just looked at him confused. “Why would you want us playing games? I thought we sucked to much to be of any use to you.”

“Thats just in starcraft” Kyuhyun immediately replied, looking down at the ground in an act of innocence he'd mastered over the years. “Besides hyungs, I suggested it because we don't spend much time together any more with our separated schedules. I just... missed hanging out with you.” With one final pout the two older men visibly melted, hastily agreeing – to Kyuhyun's entertainment now that he was 9-0 with pout use – handing them a bag food each and leading them back to his bedroom. Settling onto his bed they gathered around the large screen which was illuminating the dark room, keyboard and mouse shoved into Ryeowook and Sungmin's hands as the game loaded.

“So what exactly is this game?”

“Uhh its called... uh, five nights at freddy's. People have been raving about it all over the internet, apparently its like a dark management style game?” Watching the two elders look at each other and nodded in approval Kyuhyun breathed a sigh of relief, plan still in full effect. Knowing how scared both Sungmin and Ryeowook could get about stuff the night should be filled with nothing but amusement for Kyuhyun if everything went according to plan.

As they selected a new game, Kyuhyun's amusement made way for mild horror as he listened to the opening instructions. Compared to the random english videos he'd watched earlier online, the game was already proving to be much scarier in real life now that he fully understood what was being said by the voice over the phone. The fact that he'd always been kind of creeped out by weird dolls only making his paranoia rise as the voice told them about the animatronic creatures that were out to 'catch them and stuff them into their own metal suit', but he fought to shove the unease to the back of his mind, more interested in the grimace on Ryeowook's face beside him.

“What the hell have you gotten us into Kyukyu”

“Yeah” Sungmin added. “I don't think playing this is a good idea...”

“Shh hyungs just shuttup and play the game you'll be fine” Kyuhyun whispered, directing Ryeowooks uneasy gaze back to the dim screen.

As the power level in the corner of the screen started to tick down the panic inside of Kyuhyun rose, the tense maknae keeping a close eye on the eerily still figures they were watching on the screen. When the camera they were focused on cut out into static Kyuhyun jumped, eyes wide as Ryeowook frantically clicked around to find the now missing rabbit animatronic. They found him now two rooms away from their current location, Kyuhyun grimacing as the pair beside him quickly clicked away from the camera, flicking on the rooms light before closing the door in panic. The time of the corner barely read 5am, Kyuhyun's heart goes a mile a minute as their power level started to quickly run down.

“Hyung... Sungmin hyung open the door”

Sungmin opened the door for a second, flicking the lights once more before he shut the door once again, Ryeowook moving to open the camera monitor back up.

“No, no hyung you have to keep the door open”

“I'm not opening that door are you crazy!?” Sungmin replied, looking at him in disbelief. “That killer rabbit is like a room away fuck that nonsense.”

Kyuhyun's eyes flicked back to the power gauge, now down to a lowly 5%, dread gnawing at him as he glared at the oldest. “We don't have enough power to make it through hyung you have to--”

Ryeowook's squeak between them stopped their argument, both whipping their attention back to the screen. Kyuhyun grimaced as he noticed that the display had disappeared, room on the screen now pitch black. There was a moment of silence before a pair of eyes lit up just outside the door, twinkling music playing eerily through the speakers.

“Oh fuck me” Kyuhyun whined, grabbing a pillow off the top of his bed and stuffing his face into the top of it, eyes scrunched shut.

“Ohhh thats not good is it?” Ryeowook whispered.

“If Sungmin hadn't used all the fucking power on the fucking door we wouldn't be in this situation right now.”

“Shut the hell up Kyuhyun” Sungmin growled. “That door is what kept us alive so long – we were super close we just have to wait this out.”

Ryeowook and Sungmin stay focused on the screen, watching the eyes come closer on the screen while Kyuhyun kept his face firmly planted in his pillow. When the time on the screen ticked over to 6am, children's cheers of success spilling out of the speakers Kyuhyun let out the shaky breath he didn't know he was holding, looking over to his grinning hyungs, cheering their accomplishment.

“Told you closing was worth it. When I'm right I'm right.” Sungmin snickered, sticking his tongue out at the unamused maknae. As the second night began Ryeowook winced, looking at the screen unamused. “Do you seriously need to get through five whole nights? We barely got through the first one alive.”

“Sounds like you're just getting scared.” Kyuhyun mumbled in reply through his pillow. Ryeowook immediately turned to him, sending the younger a sharp glare in response.

“Of course I'm not you meanie I'm just saying thats a long time.” As they stared each other down the phone on the screen started to ring again, both jumping while Sungmin laughed.

While the two elders brought up the camera monitor, focusing on the main animatronic room once again Kyuhyun watched on distractedly, trying to properly focus on both the voice on the phone and the duck the other two were currently tracking, jumping again when it appeared directly in front of the camera they switched to.

“At least we know where it is?” Ryeowook chuckled weakly as Sungmin grimaced at the screen.

“I hate this stupid duck.”

While the pair continued to insult the duck – and its novelty bib – Kyuhuyn paused, frowning. “Wait didn't the voice on the phone say something about keeping a watch on the pirate cove screen...” Before the others could respond the camera display disappeared, putting them back in the main room, lack of light plunging the bedroom into darkness.

Kyuhyun leant forward, peering at the dark screen in confusion. “Did we do something wro--” suddenly the screen turned to static, a giant wolf face appearing out of no where and letting out a piercing screech. Reeling backwards Kyuhyun squealed, flying away from the screen and off the bed in fear. As the game over screen popped up, bringing light into the room, Kyuhyun tried to desperately calm his breath, close to tears from the scare he'd just gone through, when a giggle from above him broke through the silence.

He looked up, confused at the two men leaning over the bed, both looking down at him with amused grins. Kyuhyun furrowed his brow as Ryeowook turned to the older man, eyes twinkling.

“I told you the fox would get him.”

“I know I just didn't think our maknae would be this... terrified.”

“Min hyung you know he's just an innocent scaredy cat behind his cocky persona, aren't you Kyukyu~”

Kyuhyun looked at the pair wide eyed, bewildered as the pair once again broke into loud giggles, before righting himself and pulling his body back onto the bed beside them. “What the fuck is going on here?”

“A taste of your own medicine thats what! We know you just wanted us to play with you just so you could scare us!” Sungmin shoved his shoulder lightly, gasping out between giggles.

“Like we didn't know what five nights at freddy's is” Ryeowook continued. “We're not cut off from the internet and its massive – we knew what you were up to almost immediately, we just decided to have out own fun as well. Honestly I didn't expect you to be so scared considering you're 'the one and only cho kyuhyun'.”

Staring at his two hyungs in shock, Kyuhyun's bewilderment made way for grumpiness, sulky frown crossing his face. Cooing Ryeowook reached over, pinching his cheek as Kyuhyun whined, pushing the giggling man away.

“Sorry” Sungmin mumbled, apologetic smile on his face as he watched the wrestling pair beside him.

“You guys owe me like 5 weeks of home made dinners for this.”

“Yeah sure, whatever you want.” Ryeowook replied, pulling Kyuhyun back to the middle of the bed.

“Ryeonggu wha--”

“We're going again of course! So help me the three of us are going to get through all five of these stupid nights and you're not leaving until we do.”

“but Woooooooooook” Kyuhyun whined, looking at Sungmin for help, getting nothing but an amused shrug in response.

“We've been trying for weeks to get past night three” the eldest said, “maybe you and your constant state of mild panic and horror will work better than our never-ending frustration.”

As Ryeowook clicked new game, handing Sungmin the mouse back Kyuhyun just pouted, making sure to grab his safety pillow and hug it tightly against his chest, flinching as they stared at the anamatronics once more.

“You guys are right – I absolutely hate that fucking duck.”

Tags: fic:one shot, p: kyuhyun/sungmin/ryeowook
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