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Random Siwook drabbles

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"C'mon hyung just give it a try!"

Siwon frowned, poking the - thing - on the plate in front of them with his chopsticks wearily. The pair were huddled in the corner of some rundown restaurant off one of the many winding roads in Taiwan, sneaking out for some time away from the other members during their extended stay in the foreign country.

Still not quite confident in the language they had settled for just pointing randomly at the menu, and when their food had finally turned up siwon wasn't even sure if the mess was edible, the pale purple gloop barely resembling some sort of melting jelly.
"Theres no way eating any of this is a good idea Wook"

Ryeowook rolled his eyes, mumbling about how Siwon was nothing but 'a baby with a 6pack'  before scooping up a large portion of the gloop and shoving it into his mouth. Chewing it he smirked smugly at the older man, reaching forward for another helping before he froze, face turning sour.

Almost immediately he cringed, frown deepening as a hand flew to cover his mouth, whining loudly as he searched frantically for a drink.

Sighing Siwon handed over his own water, watching Ryeowook inhale the drink before he spluttered, cursing out the 'disgusting piece of purple crap' loudly.

'I told you so' Siwon mumbled, patting the youngers back gently.


It was late friday afternoon when Ryeowook was scheduled for his chart show recording for the first time in weeks. Super Junior had spent so much time touring that he'd been unable to attend filmings, and he was more than happy to be back for his show.

Walking through the now familiar halls of the mbc building Ryeowook couldn't help but notice the odd number of employees looking his way. Of course he was used to this, being apart of such a well known group meant that people tended to stare at him, but this time it felt different. Instead of the awe or excitement there was nothing but amusement, smiles and giggles as they passed hidden behind hands and whispers. It confused Ryeowook greatly, but he tried to think nothing more of it, continuing towards the greenroom where he was to meet his stylist.

"Hyung!!" a voice called out, Sungjong running up to the shorter man and bowing politely before Ryeowook could pull him into a light hug.

"Hey Jongie, have you eaten?"

"Yes hyung!" the excited man replied. "I just got back from a late lunch, I'm on my way to see the cordi noona now."

Ryeowook nodded, smile on his face. "Thats good! I have plans tonight but next week I'll treat you to dinner after the recording to tell your manager to keep your schedule open!"

"Okay!" Sungjong replied, moving out of Ryeowook's casual hold and moving to continue on his way down the hall. "Have fun tonight with Siwon hyung!" he sung, Ryeowook letting out a light chuckle before fully realising what the other had said.

"Wait, how you you know I'm meeting Siwon?"

"You'll see~~"

Frowning as the younger boy ran off down the hallway Ryeowook wearily headed towards his own greenroom, the quiet mumbling and giggles continuing to follow him. Finally he reached the room he opened the door only slightly, barely allowing himself to slide in before he spun to face the door, slamming it shut. Pressing his face against the cold wood he sighed, finally away from the confusing laughs before the airy giggle of the stylist behind him caight his attention.

Spinning around to face the woman he was shocked to come face to face with a mess of colour. Gasping in shock he pressed himself against the door before fully realising what was going on, sea of flowers filling nearly every surface of the room. Looking around bewildered he eyed the blushing stylist before finally noticing the grinning idiot in the centre of the room, single red rose resting in his hand.

"Siwon I swear to god..."

The other man at least had the sense to give him a sheepish smile. "suprise?"
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